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  1. Here is an excerpt of my config which should be pretty much what you are looking for: Multiple geo zone shipping with multiple tables to each geo zone. Enable MultiRegion MultiTable Method True Tax Class Normal Goods ( whatever you have named your tax class) Sort Order 1 *************Example for a GEO Zone (BeNeLux) Geo Zone 1 Shp:BeNeLux Geo Zone 1 Table Method weight Geo Zone 1 Handling Fee 0 Geo Zone 1 Shipping Table 1 0.01:7.56302521008403,15:10.924369747899159663865,25:14.2857142857142857142857,3 2:25.2100840336134 This means: For every good from 0.01 kg up to < 15 kg customers have to pay 7.5630...* Tax (value from "Normal Goods") For order from 15kg to < 25kg they have to pay 10.924369... * Tax and so on... Do that for every Shipping Region you want to have. Hope that helps.
  2. Peter78

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi all, does anybody use this module together with MultiGeoZone Shipping Contrib? I keep getting errors saying PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function show_total() on a non-object in /mysite/includes/modules/shipping/mzmt.php on line 138 which is function determineTableMethod($geozone_mode) { global $total_count, $shipping_weight; $this->geozone_mode = $geozone_mode; if ($this->geozone_mode == 'price') { $this->order_total = $_SESSION['cart']->show_total(); ///138 } elseif ($this->geozone_mode == 'count') { $this->order_total = $total_count; } else { $this->order_total = $shipping_weight; } return true; } Contrib: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=119085 Any help appreciated!
  3. Hi all, module works really great for me. Has anybody installed the module together with the order editor with version 5.x ? I keep getting an error saying PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function show_total() on a non-object in mysite/includes/modules/shipping/mzmt.php on line 138 which is $this->order_total = $_SESSION['cart']->show_total(); Any idea?
  4. Hi everybody! First of all thank you for this nice mod. I have a little problem: I used the toolbar for the "mail" page. That one where you can send a mail directely to the customer "www.domain.de/admin/mail.php?selected_box=customers&customer=XXX@domain.de" This page is called directly from order detail page with above parameters So the customer is preselected in the pulldown menu, I write some text, and press an admin toolbar button. The text will be added as expected, but the selection of the customer is gone and set to the first in the list. Any hint or something to avoid that behaviour??? Thanx in advance Peter