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  1. scrw

    Setting up free shipping for one product

    I am trying a similar thing. For products in a catagory I want a fixed cost for 1 to 3 items, then free for 4 or more items. Can this be done easily?
  2. Dumb question time, added the contrib, works great, but how do you stop the jpg thumbnails appearing in a ceaper colour rather than the actual colour? Works fine for gif's, I think it may be a GD setting rather than the contrib (?) cheers Steve
  3. scrw

    Royal Mail Module

    The royal mail contrib seems to be very buggy, i used this one :2 zone contrib. And set the zones up as each shipping method, 1 for parcel force and one for special delivery, they seem to work See here!
  4. Hey I drove through Ophasselt last year on holiday (i was lost :D ) nice part of the world B)
  5. scrw

    Rounding of shipping costs

    only does it on the Delivery information Page, on the Order Confirmation page it is correct again :( Any ideas?
  6. Seems to work fine :thumbsup: I have got around the calculated errors for 2 box weights by making up my own shipping cost manually in the zone table rather than letting OS do it, my max parcel size will be around 20-25kg so I have set the table up to 50kgs to be safe. Thanks alot for your help on this, one step closer to a working store :D
  7. I will try your code when I get home. One thing I was going to try is to manually add different weights to the zone table to account for orders over 20kg, for example find out the cost of a 20kg + 10kg package and add an entry for 30kgs. The max weight of orders in the shop will very rarely go over 20kgs. cheers :thumbsup:
  8. Spoke too soon, try and order 20.1kg of bits, I have set the parcel limit to 20kgs, if the order goes over this the weight sums dont seem to work :(
  9. scrw

    Royal Mail Module

    It just doesnt work right :( Look at this tread i posted, link to a shipping module that works okay :thumbsup: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=133396
  10. Thanks alot Howard, the link you gave works just fine, have now installed it :thumbsup: :D Just need to sort out the rounding up to whole numbers in the shipping price now. :rolleyes:
  11. Seems to be bad code in the Royal Mail contrib. Have now added standard zone and that works, will hack this to suit the post options I have and see how i do :thumbsup:
  12. Standard Parcel is the cheapest way in the UK for more than 1kg (anything less is normal post but no insurace included), special delivery is good upto 10kgs and next day delivery table for standard parcel rate Zone Based Rates Enable Zones Method True Tax Class --none-- Sort Order 1 Zone 1 Countries GB Zone 1 Shipping Table 1:3.96,1.5:4.95,2:5.28,4:8.30,6:8.99,8:10.10,10:10.77,20:12.36 Zone 1 Handling Fee 0 for special delivery: Zone Based Rates Enable Zones Method True Tax Class --none-- Sort Order 2 Zone 1 Countries GB Zone 1 Shipping Table 0.5:4.1,1:5.25,2:6.6,10:18.5 Zone 1 Handling Fee 0 Just taken vat of both. Best only test with the test items on the front page, i havent checked the default items for weight yet
  13. its just the royal mail module. Have a look/go at http://shop.chestermodels.com excuse the graphic for the mo, want to get it working before I sort the pictures. I have created a few items with the weight specified for testing (oh and use UK in your address for the mo as I have set it to only ship to UK for now) cheers Steve
  14. all the weights are correct, an item with a weight value of 8 ships with a rate assigned to 8, but add another item with a weight of 4 to make a total of 12 and it says you cant ship it, seems the maths behind the shipping module isnt working. :(