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  1. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint Module

    it sounds like nothing is showing up in your linkpoint account. how long does it take once you hit the 'submit' button? sometimes if it is taking too long, your host is blocking port 1129.
  2. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint/YourPay Problems?

    it sounds like your port '1129' is blocked on your new server. ask your host to unblock port 1129, going outbound, using TCP.
  3. scottrobinson

    Could not execute curl help! please

    It seems like it just didn't like the algorithm of the credit card number you put in. Try to test it with "4111111111111111" (4 and 15 1s).
  4. scottrobinson

    Could not execute curl help! please

    Call into Linkpoint support and ask for a new PEM file. If you have the storenumber, they should be able to get it for you with no problem. Thats the first thing you should try- corrupt or incorrect PEM files give the Could Not Execute Curl error. (or Curl not being in phpinfo()).
  5. scottrobinson


    The Linkpoint LinkShield fraud protection service is in beta right now. They've got several of their merchants testing it out (none of which are on OsCommerce, but should be). If an OsCommerce developer wants to incorporate this, they should probably contact beta@linkpoint.com, and tell them they're interested. Theres no real information on it from Linkpoint yet, just what you've said below.
  6. scottrobinson

    Error: expected entity name for reference

    It just means you're passing an & into one of their fields, like address. Check the XML you're sending to the gateway, and make sure all the characters range from 1-10 and A-Z.
  7. scottrobinson

    Refunds. Are they possible?!?

    Is is possible to do a refund using the module Linkpoint API has. Check it out- https://www.linkpoint.com/viewcart/download...0006_php.tar.gz Get that file first. Edit the RETURN.php first. Change the following code below -- keyfile is your PEM file, use the FULL system path (like /home/user/cert.pem). And then change configfile to use your storenumber (6 digits if Linkpoint, 10 if Yourpay). $myorder["keyfile"] = "./YOURCERT.pem"; # Change this to the name and location of your certificate file $myorder["configfile"] = "1234567"; # Change this to your store number Save it, and then copy the lphp.php file into the same directory as the RETURN.php. Then, pull up the RETURN.php file in a browser, and you should be able to do returns!
  8. scottrobinson

    Payment gateways

    Yourpay is simple to get to work if you use the Linkpoint Connect module in the OsCommerce payment modules. Make sure she signs up for Yourpay Connect- I was able to get it working on my OsCommerce within 20 minutes.
  9. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint error

    Just so everyone knows, on the Linkpoint gateway, a transaction result of 'YTEST' means you sent the varible 'result' with the contents of 'GOOD' - spelled just like that. It actually turns on a TEST mode that you can use to put through any CC number, and it'll return that YTEST result. To fix it, either take out the 'result' variable completely, or replace the GOOD with a 'LIVE', and it'll put through your transactions normally. On a side note, if you set 'result' to 'DECLINED'- it'll decline every transaction you put through.
  10. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint Module, getting error message

    The error means it can't find the config file you typed in (your storenumber) on the Linkpoint gateway. Basically, check the storenumber - if you're using Linkpoint, its 6 digits, if its Yourpay, its 10 digits. Also, make sure you're on the LIVE server, secure.linkpt.net , or if its a test account, you should be on staging.linkpt.net. Hope that helps.
  11. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint web error message

    Then you don't need a port number. Call Linkpoint and have them activate Linkpoint Connect on your account- you don't have it on your account.
  12. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint Install

    Usually that error refers to your PEM being messed up. Make sure there are no spaces in it, and if you can't figure it out then, call Linkpoint's support team to get you a new PEM file.
  13. scottrobinson

    Could not execute curl help! please

    If you ever get that 'page cannot be displayed' error, it probably means you're using the Connect module. Call Linkpoint and make sure you have Connect added to your account. You can tell if you login to www.linkpointcentral.com, go to Customization, and there should be a 'settings' button at the bottom.
  14. scottrobinson

    Your Pay

    The Linkpoint module works with Yourpay. Its the exact same server that you submit to, just a different company name.
  15. scottrobinson

    Linkpoint error on IpowerWeb

    "Please Contact Merchant Services' is actually an error the Linkpoint/Yourpay gateway gives that is a combination of about 20 different errors. If you ever get this message, you should give the support group at Linkpoint a call and let me know you're getting this error, and they should be able to fix it. Possible causes: 1. Your PEM file could be corrupt. Make sure there are no spaces in it. 2. You didn't type in the full storenumber into the field that asks for it. 3. You're submitting to the wrong server (secure.linkpt.net or staging.linkpt.net) 4. You're not using port 1129. Hope this helps.