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  1. I have been recieving support on this module and was told a new verion was just uploaded. When I go to find it...gone. I think it has been around since early 2003. Here is where it should be: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1693 Where is it? I have told the author: willross
  2. MJones

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Has anyone figured out a way to have separate prices for MANY customers with MANY products? For example: 800 customers 5000 products Each of them has pre-negotiated pricing.
  3. Is anyone currently building a generator for this? Here is a link to the site: Amazon A9 SiteInfo or just: http://a9.com/-/company/help/siteinfo/index.jsp
  4. MJones

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Go into the sql file and change the numbers. As far as the overwrite, if you use phpMyAdmin it will give you a warning first.
  5. MJones

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    OK, I settled for the visitor having an account set-up in order for them to see the shipping estimate(s). I also had a fellow programmer (willross) add the estimate box with the "...you must log in, etc." inside it and added a link to 'login.php' so it looks nicer. Thanks willross!!!
  6. MJones

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    I still can't get it to work! I set it to display the country, zip code and the update button. when I put in a zip code and hit the button, it goes to http://mystore.com/_ and that's it. If I remove the button option and just hit the return key, it reloads the shopping cart and shows no shipping options and the zip code is not passed to the <input> field (it is empty). This feature is key, because people don't want to have to create an account just to see shipping rates for a product. Are there any other contributions that could replace this one???
  7. People visiting my store using this browser seem to not be able to have a session and therefore cannot make a purchase. I use spiders.txt & Visitor Web Stats contributions. Are they to blame?
  8. MJones

    Bulk Product Copier

    The package looks like it is missing the file: cats_application.php
  9. OK. Thanks for adding to this community. :wub:
  10. bruyndoncx, But isn't that a catalog? A price list should not include images & descriptions - with the exception of product name. I like that one. It creates a monster page (300k+) that is easier to print w/out having to manually print every page. I guess a pdf would do the same. I will send an email to their webmaster and see if he/she/it will give me a copy. What abut the new version of Admin Specials by Categories? It seems that they are taking their time releasing that one.
  11. Is it anything like this one I found being used: http://shoptoo.palaia.us/price_list.html
  12. bruyndoncx, What happened to your Pricelist contribution. I see that it was removed.
  13. MJones

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Nice contribution. I see where you can add more content/images to break up the sub categories. I have a store that needed it and two that don't. No problems yet either and I have quite a bit installed. I'll keep checking back on this one...