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  1. roger that.... I'm downloading but wont be able to install for a little while as I"m not starting this project yet.. but i'm tracking this topic and will respond back... Thanks and great job VJ !!
  2. There is no admin control of this mod right now... So there really is no EASY way to turn it on/off per-say.
  3. ryno267


    now for my question. lol for the sub menu timing??? Where do you change that fade time? oCMenu.wait=500 I changed that to oCMenu.wait=50, but the fade in time didn't get quicker... And I can't find anything relevant in the "menu_animation.js" file... Any help?
  4. ryno267


    Joe - In the "includes/coolmenu.php" file.... Sub Category box heights are at about lines 67 - 71, look for this: for ($i=1; $i<SUB_CATEGORIES; $i++) { echo' oCMenu.level[' . $i . ']=new cm_makeLevel() oCMenu.level[' . $i . '].width=150 oCMenu.level[' . $i . '].height=15 that is width and height for submenus (NOTE: yours will have the default numbers in there as i have changed mine) nrapt - I dont know how to do that, but im sure you can cheat part of the javascript on just those links to add a URL instead of pulling the location from the store/product variables. Somebody here knows... rambo - It sounds like you've included the <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2" SRC="includes/menu_animation.js"></SCRIPT> up top, because if not I think it would throw an error for an unrecognized js function. So - Make sure you have also included this: <!-- coolMenu //--> <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'coolmenu.php'); ?> <!-- coolMenu_eof //--> MAKE SURE THATS ABOVE THE HEADER INCLUDE! so most your files would have teh <body > tag then ^^ this code then the <! -- header //--> require header.php blah blah If that doesnt work then I'm out of ideas.. :? chuck
  5. ryno267


    rambo: are you sure you included the css and the <script> tags with the .js file? If you forget either of those - the box will be blank. On the bottom on the IE window - are there any javascript errors?? or anyother kindof errors? Just check to see you put the css in the .css file and have included the <script __blah blah "something.js"></script> in all the files in the <head> tags
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    Got It Working... Except for the configuring the positioning to fit in the right place - the install went off very easily. You can see my progress here: http://www.ronsraceshop.com/shop/ At this point I still have to do the css for the menus to match the rest of the site, but the usability is there for the store. I also haven't found where to change the width of the submenus - as you can see they're quite long at this point... If anybody knows - holar, if not, i'll find it eventually.. its just 1700 and i'm goin home! chuck
  7. I decided to make these two variations because I really didn't find any in the forums or anywhere and the one I did find - i didn't like the crappy resolution. So here they are - two very nicely done US flag icons if I do say so myself. There are two icons in there - Just rename the one you want to use to "icon.gif" and replace the one in /catalog/includes/languages/english/images/ Link to Contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1439
  8. Yeah - it would be nice for that second field to be default of regular price, but - at least if somebody wants free shipping on product>1 then they could leave it as zero... Its friday and I really dont have the brain capacity today to try and figure this out.. lol.. I know that the code you gave doesn't work - It makes the shipping field 0 no matter how many you order. Maybe I'll play with it monday. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  9. Now as 'genius' was asking for and seemingly finished on his own with help from D. M. Gremlin.... I took the code that DM had put on this thread and applied it to his original mod that I needed and with some added finess got it to work beautifully. This mod adds to the table in the product page so that you can not only add the individual shipping cost, but add the each additional shipping cost as well.. NOTE* - If you have a shipping rate in the indv. shipping field and its the same shipping no matter how many they buy.. You have to put the same amount in for each additional as well - else everything after one will default to 0 or whatever is in that 'each additional' field. Through the application of the mod - I wrote down all I did and can be downloaded here and if MD wants - MD you can for sure add this to your mod if you'd like. I'm by no means a master of php, but this turned out really good and meets my needs exactly. http://www.rynoweb.com/testing/install_addon_pricetwo.wri Thanks guys for the help and inspiration. D. M. Gremlin - you can PM or email me anytime if you want/need to. Chuck
  10. So Aric... Can we see an upgraded install.wri for MS2? Cause i'm not sure what all to change - it was unlcear... I've installed this mod on a MS1 and it works good.. I'm going to try the extra mod so i can do the lower shipping price for each additional product. I'll let you know how that goes... hope good.. Thanks