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  1. The two first ones are quite easy, and are explained in this tread. Number 3 should be possible. Something like this. Do not remember the name of the present date variable, but if you play around with it, I guess you will make it work. /catalog/includes/functions/general.php : elseif (products_date_available > date ) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'on_order.gif');
  2. Malawi

    How To Make Contributions

    It should pe possible to report contributons to be deleted. In some contributions there are questions or remarks posted as updates to the main contribution.
  3. Malawi

    [Contribution] Quantity Discounts

    Would it be possible to modify this to be for a specific group of products?
  4. Malawi

    Bundled products

    When implementing that change i get this error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in /home/customers/bleie/www.domain.com/catalog/admin/categories.php on line 256 ---- When I try to checkout, /catalog/checkout_confirmation.php gives me this error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 SELECT products_bundle FROM products where products_id = [TEP STOP] The strange thing is that i cannot find this line in checkout_confirmation.php or any other file for that sake. Anyhow, I think the error may be here(checkout_confirmation.php): // Stock Check if (STOCK_CHECK == 'true') { $bundle_status_query = tep_db_query("SELECT products_bundle FROM " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " where products_id = " . tep_get_prid($order->products[$i]['id'])); $bundle_status = tep_db_fetch_array($bundle_status_query);
  5. Hi. Sorry for the late reply, have been working a lot(in my normal job) the last few days. I think this is a litle missunderstanding.:-) Probarbly because we both have english as a second language.:-) quantity image is up and working at my site, and I know the bacics for adding/removing indicators and their range. I had a problem with the syntax used to enter the value into the var/constant that holds the text to be shown under the image. Had a fresh look at it today, and found out how to do it. I edited the /catalog/includes/functions/general.php like this: elseif (($quantity >= 1 ) and ($quantity <= 3 )) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'stock_green_1.gif', quantity).'<br>'. $quantity ; } elseif (($quantity >= 4 ) and ($quantity <= 7 )) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'stock_green_2.gif', quantity).'<br>'. $quantity ; } elseif (($quantity >= 7 ) and ($quantity <= 10 )) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'stock_green_3.gif', quantity).'<br>'. $quantity ; } elseif (($quantity >= 11 ) and ($quantity <= 15 )) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'stock_green_4.gif', quantity).'<br>'. $quantity ; } elseif (($quantity >= 16 ) and ($quantity <= 20 )) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'stock_green_5.gif', quantity).'<br>'. $quantity ; } else { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'stock_green_6.gif', TEXT_STOCK_ON_STOCK ).'<br>'. TEXT_STOCK_ON_STOCK ; This means that I can remove define('TEXT_STOCK_FEW', '2-5 pieces'); define('TEXT_STOCK_VERY_FEW', '1-2 pieces'); from the languag-files, as they will not be in use. By doing it this way, the actual stock is shown in the listing, now the only problem is that it does not update when i put something in the basket. But I think that may be because of a contributon called "Bundled Products", witch I will continue work on installing in a few minutes. BTW: It may be a good idea to include both your explanation, and this one into a later version.
  6. You are using the v1.0 right? Did you remember to create the directory catalog\images\icons\qicons , and put the icons in there? Did you remember to put the line define('DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS', DIR_WS_ICONS . 'qicons/'); in your \catalog\includes\configure.php file?
  7. Malawi


    the last one. product a + b and get product c for free. I cannot seem to find any contribution that will do this.
  8. Malawi


    I have not installed the buy_two module(yet) Is it possible to use it as an "buy three" module? I am going to have a three for two sale within a category, and is desperately seeking a contribution that will do this.:-)
  9. Malawi

    Gif quantity stock

    Check out your admin controls. configuration-> product listing Also, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2507 is just been updated.
  10. I would like to show actual stock numbers when a product is in stock, and the stock quantity is below a certain amout. I tried in the language file, but could not get it to show the number, only the text These are the lines: catalog/include/laguages/english.php define('TEXT_STOCK_FEW', '2-5' ); define('TEXT_STOCK_VERY_FEW', '1-2'); define('TEXT_STOCK_ON_STOCK', '100+'); The two first should show actual numbers, while the last is OK. I have tried several possibilities, like. define('TEXT_STOCK_VERY_FEW', quantity); define('TEXT_STOCK_VERY_FEW', products_quantity); With and without .. and '' I even tried: define('TEXT_STOCK_VERY_FEW',($listing['products_quantity'])); Is there any way to do this in the languagefile? If not, maybee I could edit the catalog/includes/functions/general.php ? I am a bitt dazzled and confused here. (please help....)
  11. Quantity image unlimited is out of beta. A release (V. 1.0) has been uploaded. Take a look at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2507