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  1. See,904
  2. Any chance I can have alink so I can check it out personally?
  3. Hmm, that worked for me How is your pricing setup. Is your default currency EUR or PLN or USD? Possible logout of your test account and relog back in (if u didn't already). I have to pop out for 2 hours, I'll try and help you more then
  4. Indeed that is a bug! replace this at lines 90ish: if ($currency <> "USD") { $cOrderTotal = $currencies->get_value("USD") * $order->info['total']; } else $cOrderTotal = $order->info['total']; to this if (DEFAULT_CURRENCY <> 'USD') { $cOrderTotal = $currencies->get_value("USD") * $order->info['total']; } else $cOrderTotal = $order->info['total']; let me know if htat fixs it for you and I'll upload a update
  5. What zone setup are you actually after? i.e. is State based good enought? or do you want to add further zones within in that State?
  6. Theres no reason you can't copy the files from your current site to a new site. Do the same with the database (phpmyadmin has a import/export screen). Then you can change the settings in the config file and your essentially done. This is all the oscommerce install does really anyway - Though you will have to change a few permissions on directorys on the new install (eg image directory) Once that is done you can customise the look/products in the catalog on the new site.
  7. This updates Save Wilks contribution to the slight changes in the pm2checkout payment module. Also the store I was working on used Australian dollars as the default currency so I had to do a currency convertion before sending to 2checkout,904
  8. riff: thats usually code for "page not found" :) so just check your includes
  9. Theres no "Easy" way. theres a million people who will say there is, and make you pay for it, but there isn't. Bassically theres only a few search engines worth bothering to get into, and they don't accept paid submissions. (actually one making up about 5% does, I forget its name tho!!! And yahoo only accepts paid submissions to their directory, and don't even gurantee it for the $300 us) If you visit the major search engines you can submit your site manually, it may take 4-8 weeks to get in tho by the time the SE spiders your site. I'd goto and yahoo/msn feed use google for their search results Yahoo has a directory, but as I said, costs money to get in. can try for the open source directory.. takes AGES to get in, assuming you do. The most important poinT! this is not the question to ask here, this is a oscommerce forum :) goto and check out their forum dedicated to search engines. Read the top sticky posts in each section, then re-read them, then think about submissions :)
  10. What browser are you running then? i think ie 5.5/6 support it only. You could post us the error messages, or a Url where we can test for you?