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  1. veverkap

    VIP people

    Did you look in the contributions? I found this: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,323/type,3 HTH Patrick
  2. This mod will add a box to your column_left.php file indicating whether the visitor's connection is secure. The text is customizable in the language files. http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,566/type,3 Email me if you need an example site. patrick at veverka.net
  3. veverkap

    create_account_process.php problems

    I got this error when I went to your link. Maybe you could post your code and we might be able to help you more. Patrick
  4. veverkap

    PayFlow Pro Integration

    We ended up going with Authorize.net it was such a problem. Are you using a Unix/Linux server or a Win server? Patrick
  5. veverkap

    PayFlow Pro Integration

    I am having tons of problems with installing your Payflow Pro contribution. The zip file seems to have duplicate files, I can't get the pfpinit() call to work. It doesn't like me. Can you please advise? Patrick patrick@veverka.net
  6. veverkap

    PayFlow Pro Integration

    Herve, Did you actually get your server to connect to Verisign? Patrick
  7. veverkap

    PayFlow Pro Integration

    I too have been looking for help with this and can't get past a pfpinit() error. Best of luck. If you need support, write me at patrick@veverka.net, but keep in mind, I'm having no more luck than you. Patrick