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  1. scandic_outlet

    PHP 5.3 issue - pls help

    omg - i dont understand how i missed that when searching.. thank you so much!
  2. scandic_outlet

    PHP 5.3 issue - pls help

    hi All php experts.. iv'e installed the stats module available here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8078/v,23 Its otuputting a php error, that iv'e tried to resolve using my friend google,but without luck :( I hope one of you guys, can help me fix this simple line.. updating it to work with propper php 5.3 code (the line marked in bold) <!-- footer_eof //--> </body> </html> <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'application_bottom.php'); function mirror_out ($field) { global $csv_accum; echo $field; $field = strip_tags($field); $field = ereg_replace (",","",$field); if ($csv_accum=='') $csv_accum=$field; else {if (strrpos($csv_accum,chr(10)) == (strlen($csv_accum)-1)) $csv_accum .= $field; else $csv_accum .= "," . $field; }; return; }; Hope you can help me. Thanks Michael
  3. scandic_outlet

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Dear Robert thanks for an excellent mod/Add-on. im a little at a loss here.. is there a manual out there that i did not find? i check my downloaded package, and cant seem to find any instruction of the "simple manual 301" system i see you refered to a few times. i have migrated to 2.3.1 with your SEO module on, and really need to manually redirect some old URls. can you please guide me in the right direction? Thanks Michael
  4. scandic_outlet

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    great. Thanks for the help. Also - author just released a new version of the module TODAY. Should try to have him implement this fix you found..
  5. scandic_outlet

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Hi All anyone have an idea, how to make this module show the discount with a "-" (minus) sign in the checkout / order confirmation, instead of the standard red font type?
  6. Thanks for updating the module for 2.3.1 Your contributions are really appreciated. Im wondering if any of your modules, better together and quantity discounts, plus some of your packages for sale on your site - would cause problems with the discount module for 2.3.1? its the module located here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7700/v,23 Thanks so much
  7. scandic_outlet

    Discount Coupon 2.3 not quite working

    if you did not have this before installing the mod, it seems that you have deleted/replaced a language file...
  8. scandic_outlet

    Discount Coupon 2.3 not quite working

    please post a link to the contribution your are using, and your oscommerce version?
  9. LW - Did you remember to check the box "track stock" in your product attributes/options page for the attributes you have installed?
  10. hi

    are you planning to update your great contributions (v2.2) to 2.3.1?

  11. scandic_outlet

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags

    thanks -that seems like the case - i am at least having some language issues with charset and scandinavian characters. i'll look into that. thanks again for a GREAT contribution and support.
  12. scandic_outlet

    KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags

    Hi Robert im experiencing some problems in my error log, do you have any idea what could be the cause?: PHP Warning: htmlentities() [<a href='function.htmlentities'>function.htmlentities</a>]: Invalid multibyte sequence in argument in /xxxxxxx.com/includes/modules/kiss_meta_tags/classes/kiss_meta_tags_class.php on line 255 thanks regards Michael
  13. scandic_outlet

    Any Interest for a new PWA + Manual Order

    Really interested if for 2.3.1 - hoping... Hoping..
  14. Hi-Awesome contribution.. Im wondering - Cant we get into legal issues with sending automated emails.?