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  1. @Jack_mcs I'm sorry. This is what happens when posting late at night. I have a question about the Reset SEO URLs Cache feature. Is that something that should be done every so often or only when you have a problem? I remember installing this and some things were not working and when I did that, it cleared up all of my trouble immediately. Should I use that feature on a regular basis or let it sit? Thank You! - Andrea
  2. @Jack_mcs I don't believe there was a wonky character in the title. All of my titles are the same, in the way they're formatted. Just numbers and text. I'm going to hope that it was one of those crap moments I experienced with my webhost until they put me on a different server when I raised hell. My item descriptions that I migrated over from 2.2 were loaded with css code that was killing the extra description from appearing when browsing by category. I've been manually editing and stripping that code for a couple of months now, one item at a time in Admin. Got thru 100 or so today. It's ongoing. I'm clicking around fast and furious and I haven't run into it again, so...I just have to hope it was one of those abrupt disconnects in the past that may have somehow whacked that item. I'll never know and that blows. Hope I don't see anymore of it. Thanks for the explanation of the uninstall. I took that entry literally...like, UNINSTALL. WIPE IT OUT. And start over if you wish to have it. Oh, well. It's a great tool and I'm glad to have it! - Andrea
  3. @ArtcoInc No, nothing unusual. Looked like all my others. No funky characters or anything. I think you know my site...all of my titles are formatted the same. Date-name-keywords Like...11-4-18-Name-Of-Product-Keyword-Keyword-p-4545.html Something got corrupted, but I definitely didn't see anything wrong with the product in the database. And I stared at it more than a few times. I'm just glad I stumbled upon it. I clicked on the item just to retrieve the large photo (right click/save) for something else and that's when I discovered it wouldn't load. Otherwise, it would be sitting out there like that...Product Not Found!...for eternity. My fear is...are there more? With thousands of products there's no way I can just sit here and click thru them all to make sure they load. I had some issues with my webhost in recent months and I'm wondering if one of those sudden MySQL disconnects during editing may have done me in on that particular item. I just don't know. I have no memory or having problems with that item at any time. I have had the experience of suffering a disconnect during editing and watching an item disappear. Only the image remains. The description and title vanish. But, this one is really strange as it looked fine in both Admin and the database. Nothing missing. Nothing changed. And it wouldn't let me duplicate the product name after deleting the original. I think that's just bizarre. - Andrea
  4. @Jack_mcs Cache is set to false. I have no idea what may have happened. Item looks fine in the database. I deleted the item and created it anew...with the same product title, same everything...but generating a new product ID number on the end... And it STILL wouldn't load! Product Not Found! I deleted it again...changed the product title to something else...and now it loads. Very bizarre. Out of curiosity, what happens when you choose the Uninstall option in the SEO config page in Admin? Or I guess I should ask...what do you have to do afterward to get it back? I was too timid to try it. - Andrea
  5. CE and PHP 7.0 I installed this contribution in late September and had no issues that I'm aware of until now. I've stumbled upon a product that has a valid SEO url when moused over, like... mysite.com/name-of-product-p-4245.html When I click on it, the URL in the browser loads as mysite.com/-p-0.html And I get D'oh. Product Not Found! The item looks fine in the database in both the Products and Products Description tables. It looks fine in the Admin side where I create and maintain items. The only thing I can think of is that the item was turned off from view when I put it up for auction, but it will not load after turning it back on. Any idea what could be happening? I've reset the SEO URLS cache hoping that might clear it up, but no luck. - Andrea
  6. Thank You @Tsimi I tried border: 0px and had no luck. This makes me think twice about abandoning my navigation bar...same problem. Thanks! You make everything so easy! - Andrea
  7. Version CE I am using the Bootstrap Container (as opposed to container-fluid) as I like the way it centers the website onscreen, rather than have it full screen. Trying to figure out why my footer is extending the full-width of the screen. Looks like this: So, aside from a color entry, I added a couple of lines in my user.css regarding height and margin, like this: .footer-extra { background-color: #2e4963; color: #ffffff; height: 60px; margin: 0px 46px 25px 46px; } Now my footer looks a whole lot better, lining up with the rest of the page, except for these annoying little gray lines (borders?) that are appearing outside the footer as my scribbled arrows indicate: I'm guessing it has something to do with the containers but, I don't know how to fix that or where to look. I'd like to clean that up. Thanks for any help! - Andrea
  8. Forgot to thank someone. @JcMagpie Putting this in a module is a great idea. It looks super nice! Very clean and linear. Like it belongs there. Thank You! - Andrea
  9. @MrPhil and Malcolm (your username won't come up when trying to insert it...?) Both of your solutions work. Thank You so much! I understand your point. I guess I'm trying to figure out a way to address all users, without turning off those who don't want to create an account. I have Purchase Without Account installed, so the idea of having Log On or Log In seems to imply you need an account. Don't want that. At the same time, if the link changes from My Account to Log Off...that kills the logged in users' avenue to view their account. The goal here is to get rid of the navigation bar and/or the Buttons module which have links for My Account. Free up some space in my header. I suppose the ideal solution would be to have My Account...buyer clicks and logs in...and now the module shows My Account | Log Off links. Then they log off and we're back to displaying My Account only. Do you know how to accomplish that? I can play with HTML code, but this PHP code is...difficult. For me! - Andrea
  10. This is what I tried... <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?> cm-header-breadcrumb2"> <ol class="breadcrumb" id=abc> if ( tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') ) { <li><a href="logoff.php">Log Off</a></li> } else { <li><a href="account.php">My Account</a></li></ol>} </div> And this is what I get... Now you know what I mean about code bleeding on the screen. ??? - Andrea
  11. Well, I'm happy to report that I did duplicate the module correctly the first time...yay!...just got stuck on how to edit the template file. I applied your code in the new template file and it works great! Just one issue I need to sort out. I'm trying to figure out how to apply a statement that controls what link appears in the module...either My Account or Log Off I think having a Log Off link is necessary and, theoretically, that should replace the My Account link after a customer has logged in. When they log off, My Account should reappear. I've messed around with some 'else' statements but all of my code just bleeds onto the screen. I need something like: if ( tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') ) { then Log Off appears in the module, otherwise My Account appears instead You get the idea. At the moment, all I can come up with is both links in the module, like this: Which looks dumb if you're not logged in. Funny enough, the Log Off link works whether you're logged in or not, but...it's not good having them both there. Can you help me with that? Thank You! - Andrea
  12. I was able to duplicate the module but I'm having trouble getting My Account to appear in the new breadcrumb module on the right, like in your screenshot above. The code for the template file is like this: <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?> cm-header-breadcrumb breadcrumbs"> <?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' &raquo; '); ?> </div> I'm sure this is stuff you can do in your sleep, but I'm having great difficulty replacing that second line of code with any kind of reference to account.php Everything I have tried either results in the white screen of death or the My Account link appearing outside the module. Or...my code attempts spilling out onscreen where the new box should be. Very stuck now! Your help would be greatly appreciated! - Andrea
  13. Hello! I am using CE I would like to have the My Account link always appear at the end of the breadcrumb. I see some code at the bottom of includes/application_top.php where I have added the My Account link: $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, HTTP_SERVER); $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG, tep_href_link('index.php')); $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_MY_ACCOUNT, tep_href_link('account.php')); So my breadcrumb now looks like this: How do I get My Account to always appear on the other end circled in blue, where it doesn't interfere with the breadcrumb being generated when browsing? Thanks! - Andrea
  14. puggybelle

    Fake accounts

    My Admin looks just like yours every day! My question for you is: why aren't you deleting these fake accounts as they roll in? You've got fake accounts dating back for days or weeks in that screenshot of yours. I whack 'em as soon as I see them. Leaves me feeling that this software is a popular target for hackers. I never saw this, on this scale, in my old 2.2 shop which I had for over a decade. Heck, I even removed all Contact Us links in my site and renamed the file to...anything but contact_us.php Didn't delete it, but...no one will ever guess what it is. And that was AFTER installing Honeypot Captcha! - Andrea