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  1. puggybelle

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    @Jack_mcs @JcMagpie Any way to keep apostrophes, quotation marks, dashes, letters and numbers? LOL. My buyers really need to use quotation marks in some circumstances, in order to find the exact name or phrase. When the edits are made, you can't even find the test product A Bug's Life unless you leave out the apostrophe. Smart buyers are going to include the apostrophe...get no search results...and leave. These edits are only making search more difficult. And after viewing my keywords search report for months now....buyers need all the help they can get! Is there a way to sanitize against the inclusion of weird characters that always accompany a malicious code string, but preserve the other ones I mentioned? - Andrea
  2. puggybelle

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    What did you check in your database? I really didn't know what else to look at, other than make sure the 'search_queries' table was empty after deleting the report. Then, of course, I put the maxlength limit on the search field here, there and everywhere. Now I'm thinking it should be even shorter than what I assigned. My keyword report resembled yours. I had one entry, though, that was probably eight lines of code alone. Should I check anything else? This stuff always shakes me up. - Andrea
  3. puggybelle

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    I want to report that I had another hack attempt this week - this time, thru the Search box. Apparently, there's no limit to what can be entered in the search field. I use an old contrib that I cleaned up called Keyword Search Report and when I looked at it yesterday, it was hysterical. Huge chunks of malicious code. Wish I had taken a screenshot of it, but I was so ticked off I immediately deleted the report and checked the database. I have since edited all files containing the Search form and put a maxlength="60" in all of them. catalog > advanced_search.php catalog > includes > modules > boxes>bm_search.php catalog > includes > modules>content > header>cm_header_search.php If I'm missing something, please let me know. This hacker crap is insane! - Andrea
  4. Not at all. This is just me getting tedious about minor cosmetic things. And learning how to manipulate code. That's the fun part! I'm going to play around with the suggestions I've received and see what makes me happiest. Thanks everybody! - Andrea
  5. I'm trying to put together something to use a Best Offer option in my website. Yes, I'm riffing on what eBay is doing with their listings. So far, I've got the offer button at the bottom of the product_info pages. Like this in my test site: When you click that button for Make An Offer, you get a popup which overlays the product_info screen you're on: I've got the Best Offer Price field populated from the start with the $ symbol, but when you type in your dollar amount...and change your mind and back over the whole field...the dollar sign disappears. Is there a way to make that stick? Like mud? It never goes away? You can only back over and change the price you originally entered, but...the $ sign never goes away? The code I'm using for that field looks like this: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('enquiry', '$', 0, 1, NULL, 'required aria-required="true" maxlength="6" id="inputEnquiry" placeholder="' . ENTRY_OFFER_TEXT . '"'); echo FORM_REQUIRED_INPUT; ?>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;shipping not included </div> What I'm doing is kind of a mash-up of the Contact Us form. And all credit in the world goes to @JcMagpie for getting me rolling. I just can't figure out how to make that dollar sign stick. Is that possible? I don't know how. And he's asleep, otherwise I'd be driving him crazy. Any help is appreciated! - Andrea
  6. puggybelle

    Advanced Specials

    Started playing and figured out what to do. If anyone is interested, I simply replaced all instances of the word model with the word quantity in admin/specials.php Then I added a new entry in admin/includes/languages/english/specials.php to define the quantity heading define('SPECIALS_ENHANCED_TH_QUANTITY','Quantity'); I put that below the entry for Model in case I ever want to go back and use it in the future. Now Advanced Specials looks like this: Clicking around everything seems fine. If anyone thinks there might be conflict, please reply! - Andrea
  7. I uninstalled my version of Purchase Without Account...not entirely sure what it really was now...and installed the latest version, 3.0.5 The newest version is working beautifully for me. I do a poor job of keeping track of what I install and what I change and I think that comes back to haunt me sooner or later. Thank You, @raiwa, for your continued help and patience. All is well again! - Andrea
  8. puggybelle

    Square Payment option

    I'd like to know if anyone who frequents this forum uses this payment method in their site. I've seen a few posts here and there about it, but all leave me feeling it has issues, so...no install for me until someone reports success with it. - Andrea
  9. puggybelle

    Advanced Specials

    I've been using Advanced Specials for many years. It's an invaluable tool. Back in the day with 2.2 and now with CE Is there any way to add a field or a column that shows whether or not the item is in stock? I'd like to have the ability to select items to put on special only if they're currently in stock. Or to be able to see, on that page...admin/specials.php...if the item is in stock or not. At present, I do it the hard way. Either checking quantity on another page in my website or physically checking inventory on hand. A lot of back and forth. I know there's not much room on the page for a new column, but I'd happily sacrifice the Model Number field (don't use that) in exchange for a column that displays the quantity on hand for each item...zero, 1, 2, etc. It would make selecting items to put on Special much easier. I display all items in my site, in and out of stock, and it looks tacky having sale prices on items that are not available. So...can this be done? Thank You! - Andrea
  10. So if a customer attempts a purchase using PWA and leaves before completing checkout, is this what I should be seeing? Admin > Customers Is that the purpose of the Guest Checkmark? Just to let me know that...this person backed out and left? Regarding the other problems, I guess I need to do a full re-install of PWA. There are 'optional' edits throughout that contribution that I skipped. For example, I don't use Reviews in my website, so...no need to do those modifications, right? I don't know what is wrong, but...I'll figure it out! - Andrea
  11. My initial post turned out to be a stupid goof on my end. Not PWA related at all. But, until I figured out what it was, I went thru the entire PWA contrib again just to make sure I had all I needed in place. I never had made the edits recommended for those using PayPal Standard (yes, I do), so I did that and wanted to report back on what happened there. My understanding is that you never were able to test it yourself, @raiwa as you don't have PP Standard in any of your shops. So...here's what it's doing. Firstly, the order process email it generates is terrific. It removes the account_history link and all looks wonderful. AND...it removed all traces of the customer from Admin > Customers so I did not have to delete them at all. I'm not so sure that should be happening, as other customers are flagged in the Guest field with a green checkmark prior to editing the paypal_standard.php file. But, for what it's worth...I like that. I'd prefer if they did disappear after completing checkout. Now the bad news: The customer's name is not appearing in Admin. When I visit mysite.com/admin - one of the first things appearing is the Orders section. Notice the highlighted entry below - their name is missing. I always include a Packing Slip with orders, and that slip (along with the Invoice option) is not populating the Sold To field. But, the biggest headache of all comes when I try to update their order status to Shipped which sends an email to the customer. It bounces back to me immediately as undeliverable because there is no email address associated with the order. So, I have reverted back to my original paypal_standard.php file - using the app, 5.0.18 I'm either using Edge or Frozen...not at all sure which. But, I thought I would just pass this on as those edits to the PayPal file turned out to be problematic. Still keeping Purchase Without Account, though. - Andrea
  12. I must have something wrong with my PWA setup because my checkout_payment.php is showing a box heading of Shipping Address instead of Billing Address. My test site...which does not have PWA installed...is showing Billing Address. That's where the confusion is coming from. Off to fix it all...Thanks, @raiwa - Andrea
  13. Using PWA 3.0.4 in CE with PHP 7.0 Is it possible for a buyer to go thru Purchase Without Account and have separate billing and shipping addresses before finalizing their purchase? Buyer reported problems with it. She selects Purchase Without Account. Fills out her billing details. On the next screen (checkout_shipping) she sees the option to change the Shipping Address. Selects that and fills out a new shipping address. She wants this shipped to a friend. Clicks continue (we're on checkout_payment now) and the shipping address box is once again populated with her original billing address, not the new shipping address she entered. Is that the way this is supposed to work - because she's not a registered customer? Or maybe I've done something wonky on my end, install-wise. - Andrea
  14. puggybelle

    Modular Shopping Cart

    I never would have thought that! I just assumed anything more than a year or two old could be troublesome, much less five or ten. Thank You, @raiwa! You're always a gentleman! - Andrea
  15. puggybelle

    Modular Shopping Cart

    When I visit the osCommerce Apps page and select version 2.3 and then search on Free Shipping, all that appears is many years old. I'm having difficulty finding something that looks promising...or compatible with the newest release. Can you recommend something? Provide a link? Thank You! - Andrea