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  1. puggybelle

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I use osCommerce CE with PHP 7.0 I"m trying to install this payment module to give my buyers an alternative payment method other than just PayPal. stripe_sca_v1.0.18 Stuck on this piece of text in the install instructions: It's been a while since I've played with code, so, I'm a bit lost now. If my website is called www.mywebsite.com - what do I change the DIR_FS_CATALOG constant to? There are many instances of that constant in the file - do I change them all? Or just one particular piece of code? Additionally, I see in Admin...the module after it's installed...the following: Is it necessary to fill this out and if so, I have no idea what to put there. Thanks for any help! - Andrea
  2. @Jack_mcs Perfect! Thanks so much for your help! - Andrea
  3. Hi @Jack_mcs It's been a while! Thanks for your reply. That does work - here's a pic: I find that decimal point to be irritating, though. If I remove the decimal point in Admin > Localization > Currencies....I lose the price altogether. Nothing appears. Any way to remove that decimal point just for cosmetic purposes? Maybe a way to make the decimal transparent? Like....it's there - you just don't see it. Maybe? Nice to talk to you again, Jack! - Andrea
  4. Using CE Anyone know how to achieve that look - the cents being smaller and placed higher than the dollars? I did come across a very old thread, 2005 I think, where someone wanted something similar. Unfortunately, the code changes offered are not playing well with today's software. Here's the thread, if anyone's interested. How To Add Style To Cents-Currencies Perhaps a nudge in the right direction is all I need - Thanks if you can help! - Andrea
  5. After playing with it some more...I took the code from line 282 in create_account_process.php : require('includes/languages/' . $language . '/' . 'create_account.php'); And moved it down to above the section at the bottom of that file where the email is being defined, so it looks like this: require('includes/languages/' . $language . '/' . 'create_account.php'); $email_text .= EMAIL_WELCOME . EMAIL_PASS_1 . $password . EMAIL_PASS_2 . EMAIL_TEXT . EMAIL_CONTACT . EMAIL_WARNING; tep_mail($name, $email_address, EMAIL_SUBJECT, $email_text, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); And now I have a wonderful Welcome email complete with a randomly generated password for the new customer that works! Why did I have to move it though? Like...I fixed it, but...I don't understand why I had to. Just trying to learn! - Andrea
  6. I'm using CE with PHP 7.0 I installed Order Editor first...had to clean up some of the DIR_WS stuff and whatnot, but it works fine. Then I installed Manual Order Maker and had to do some cleanup there, as well, but it works fine, in the respect that I can create a new customer account. It's the Welcome email it generates that is not playing nice. Looks like this: All of those defines are in the admin/includes/languages/english/create_account.php file but the email just will not pick them up. The language file is in the correct location. I changed the original line in admin/create_account_process.php: require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . 'create_account.php'); It now reads: require('includes/languages/' . $language . '/' . 'create_account.php'); But, no luck. The email is supposed to contain a random password for the new customer - and it does - but the email itself is a wreck. Any idea what it might be? Or is this maybe not compatible with my version of osCommerce? - Andrea
  7. puggybelle

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Is this an issue only affecting those who use Phoenix? I'm not having this problem on CE and have been using PayPal Standard for years. - Andrea
  8. @ce7 Yes, but...the issue we're all complaining about is that it does not work on the first page load. We're getting 'no matches' when first loading the website. Only if we click on something...anything at all...and then try to use search will it work. Please PM me with a link to your site. I want to see if it works on my first try after loading your homepage. As for the filter issue you're having...have you assigned the correct number in the module?
  9. @ce7 Well, I just took what you said literally and swapped out the catalog/ext/ files in 1.8 with 1.7 and no change for me. It's still not working on the first page load. Would love to have a link to a site that does have it working. - Andrea
  10. Can you clarify what that means? There are a lot of folders/files under that filepath you referenced. You began with version 1.8.....yes? - Andrea
  11. @ArtcoInc and @Dan Cole It's a shame...this issue of not working on the initial pageload. Once I click around my site, it works perfectly on any and all pages. But, if buyers are going to see 'no matches' on their first try...assuming they're going straight for the search box when they enter the website...that's a killer. Out the door they'll go. It looks so nice and clean, too...I really wish I could use this! Damn! Guess I'll just keep checking the forum from time to time to see if anyone comes up with a remedy...you never know! Thanks, guys! - Andrea
  12. Hi Dan - I installed this very cool contribution yesterday on my test site and I am experiencing the same as you mentioned above. What should I be looking for to troubleshoot the issue? What did it turn out to be in your case? I'm using the latest version of the contrib with CE and lots of other mods to boot. Just don't know where to begin looking for suspects. Thanks for your time! - Andrea
  13. Hello @JcMagpie This is one of the best contributions I have ever installed, been using it for months now. Question: Do I need to upgrade to your latest version or is that something related to Phoenix? I'm using this on CE with no issues. And...your messages inbox is full. 😯
  14. puggybelle

    Generic Infobox

    Hi @Jack_mcs Gosh, I would be the only person to ask a question here! I've been using this contribution for quite some time and my infobox displays perfectly. I like it so much I decided to duplicate the module and create a second infobox. I basically renamed everything in the first module with the number 2 at the end. The new box is working fine, but I'm puzzled as to why the duplicate module will not pick up all of the templates, like the original module does here: You'll see two new templates for dvds also being picked up by the first module. But, the second one...the duplicate module...will only pick up one: Fortunately, I'm able to plug in my own code inside that generic2 template to create what I want, so the new infobox looks just fine, even with only one template at my disposal. I'm just curious as to why it may not be picking up the other templates, like the original module does. If you're busy, don't worry about it. I just can't figure out why this is happening and thought I would ask. Thanks! - Andrea
  15. puggybelle

    HoneyPot Captcha

    Yep. I had not changed the call from verify_contact_us to verify_general in contact_us.php So excited to try the new HP I must have raced past that part. Sorry! - Andrea