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  1. Hello, I had posted this query at wrong place.The query follows: When I run a APC test from Nochex by going to: https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/apc/testapc and enter the full url to my nochex_notify.php script,I get transaction details on that site ie. on https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/apc/testapc site . But I dont get those details in the admin section under NochexAPC>>Transactions. My database is not being updated. Also the mail subjected as Debug code should receive these details which I dont receive.I receive only the text present in it as shown below. Opening connection Raw Response from Nochex: Checking Response Result: Now checking order and updating as necessary Completed APC notify script! Also a blank mail subjected as NOCHEX VALIDITY RESPONSE: NO RESPONSE is received. I have processed the nochexapc.sql file and also made the changes in respectie files.I have also reinstalled nochex module .But I did not get any solution. Can you please help me for this. Thanks in advance, Livetek