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  1. Is there a contrib that can do the following? I really did look at them, but didn't see anything. Any help would be appreciated. Ultimately, I would love to be able to add additional freight/handling to costs to just some specific items in my catalog (that are oversize or that we drop ship, either will require freight costs that exceed the UPS output table). Has anyone done this? Thanks :) Ken
  2. I had my programmer add on the search contrib, but now I have 2 problems that neither he or I can seem to figure out. First, on the search result there's an extra row that appears with the title "TABLE_HEADING_DESCRIPTION". No clue why or what is reporting this, but it's throwing off the whole display table. Second, I installed this mod because I could not get the search to look at product description and it still doesnt work! I'm about to go mad trying to figure out how to have the search look at product description. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Ken
  3. popstar

    price attributes

    Sorry if I missed this contribution, but I'm looking for something that will do this: I have lots of items that are simillar but cost just a few dollars more for added features. I would like to know if there is a mod that exists that will allow a product to list a different price next to an attribute, not just an additional cost (hope that made sense). Here is an example. I offer a carbon steel football facemask for $19.95. The same exact style of mask comes in Stainless Steel and Titanium. I'd like to list the attibutes for these different style metals at their actual price (lets say it's Carbon Steel $19.99, Stainless $29.99, Titanium $99.99), rather than showing something like "Stainless Steel +10.00". Sorry about the long explaination, just wanted to make sure it was understood. I have Linda's attibute mod installed, but I don't think this is something I can do with that script. Can anyone offer a suggestion? Thanks! Ken
  4. popstar

    price attributes

    ok, I get what you're saying. Not sure what you mean about the 'calculator' idea tho. If I list the main item without a price, will it show the lowest price attribute automatically?
  5. popstar

    price attributes

    Thanks for the suggestion Linda, however that's what I'm trying to avoid. I'm trying to get the drop down (attribute) to show the actual price of the item, not the additional amount. Any ideas?