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  1. Hi Frank, I am returning to osCommerce after many years. I chose the Phoenix edition because I wanted a responsive site. As you already know - a suitable shipping module is vital for any ecommerce site. I have used the old Auspost Shipping module ( sone 12 or so years ago. And that worked fine. When I saw your shipping module for the new Auspost edeliver rate calc, I was overjoyed. It seems to be such a comprehensive and full-featured module. However, to my dismay, I find that the install instruction don't work with Phoenix My questions are:- 1. Is there anything on the horizon for your wonderful Auspost Shipping Module to work n Phoenix? 2. If not, which version of osCommerce should I install so that your modules work seamlessly? and is there a responsive base version of osCommerce that I can use. I absolutely love osCommerce and its vibrant community, - especially module contributors like your good self. But I would need to use a base version that is responsive. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I live in Perth W.A. Thanks in advance Johann
  2. I am just about to install a Shipping module and the module needs to know what Version of OsCommerce I am using. Of course, Phoenix reports version Am I correct in thinking that Phoenix is based on osCommerce 2.3.4? Many thanks yo
  3. Thanks John, I think I have wasted your time somewhat! Looking around for solutions or information on this, I found that I was using an outdated shipping module for Auspost. The module I was using was going to the old DRC.edeliver.com.au site (which was still up and running - but clearly not functioning correctly) I have just downloaded what seems to be an uptodate Auspost shipping module (that talks to the new Auspost site). Am in the process of installing that now. I will check it out and revert here. Sorry to have thrown you a red herring!😢 Yo
  4. Keeping that line still in, I made the order smaller ( so that it does not try to increase the number of Posting Boxes required - remembering that this works normally as expected), and it exited as expected with the below output. Array ( [id] => insuredauspostexpress [module] => AusPOST Express Post Parcel (Insured) [methods] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => insuredauspostexpress [title] => Delivery to 6054 - 1 days Estimated Delivery Time* 1 boxes 12.6kg(s) (incl $18.15 insurance) [cost] => 32.740909090909 ) ) [icon] => )
  5. Hi John, I inserted that line at line 95. This just gives me a blank page. No error. No info. Completely blank. I have double checked that I entered the code exactly as you specified. foreach($this->modules as $value) { $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled) { $quotes = $GLOBALS[$class]->quotes; exit(print_r($quotes,true)); Thanks in advance yo
  6. Thanks for the speedy reply John. I am out and about right now. Will check this when I get home in about an hour or so. All of this is running on XAMPP on my laptop. (I don't know much, but I know enough not to run such things on a live site 😀. I even backup the database and the site itself before I start any mods). I also understand your warning and appreciate it.
  7. UPdate on Item 3 ( AusPost Shipping Module) Ok - so I installed Auspost Shipping module and got it working up to a point! It breaks when I load the order up to require more than ONE shipping Box. It then breaks with the following error in Catalog\includes\classes\shipping.php. The error is Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in C:\xampp\htdocs\catalog\includes\classes\shipping.php on line 95 Line 95 for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($quotes['methods']); $i<$n; $i++) { This is beyond my current very limited capabilities! Any help on this please? Always deeply grateful for the support given here. Yo
  8. Very many thanks for your detailed reply and guidance John. I may get the time to try this today. I will let you know how I get on. 🙏
  9. Many thanks for your ever-so-speedy replies Troy. This is HUGELY appreciated. Testament to the spirit of OpenSource and Community spirit. Thanks for solution 1. Clearly I need to learn quite a bit about the BS stuff! Thanks also for solution 2. I did not spot that in the Admin section. But I had already worked out a cludge solution.... I created a single white pixel file in Photoshop and saved this as the various non-required Card Images in that folder!! That worked a treat. I know it's a very crude CLUDGE, and totally inelegant! A coder would direct me to hang my head in shame!. But I am not a coder. LOL RE Item 3 - So you use TABLE RATE. That is an option that I may be able to use. (I had that in mind as a fallback in case the Auspost add-on did not work). I really liked the Auspost add-on. It gave the customer choices in shipping methods and speeds. It also meant I never had to update the shipping rates as Auspost itself took care of that. I will up date you here on how I get on with it. I am still developing everything on my PC. Nothing is live yet. I first wanted to see if Phoenix was uptodate enough. Do you have a live Shop? I would like to take a look at it please. Many thanks Again Yo Perth. Western Australia
  10. Hi Folks, I used OsCommerce a long time ago and am now returning to it because of Phoenix (good job everyone - this was much needed!) I have 2 little question please and 1 question that is not so little. 1. My Shop Welcome message says "Welcome on {shop_name}". I have searched and search fo ti but cannot find where I change "Welcome on" to "Welcome to". I have grep'd all the language files but cannot find it. Any pointers please? 2. Where/how can I remove payment icons from the "We Accept" Payment type box please? (My only Payment type will be PayPal) 3. I am in Australia and will only sell to Australia. In the past I used an Auspost module which queried Australia Post and returned a shipping Cost (Based on Shipping Weight Size and destination). Would an such an add-on work with Phoenix? (I kinda got to know my way around standard osCommerce to get by somewhat. I am bit lost with Phoenix. ) Apologies if am breaking any protocols here. I am a newbie. Many thanks in advance Johann
  11. yoyo213

    Auspost shipping calc problem

    What have you got set as the per Item weight for the product? It should be 0.200 Yo
  12. yoyo213

    Need a shipping module

    I think a simple solution would be to set the price for each item inclusive of shipping. ie - if item A sells for $10, then set it's price at $13.50 (Inc shipping) etc Is this too simple a solution? Yo
  13. yoyo213

    Need HELP to set up shipping method

    See http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=122150 where this is already answered Cheers Yo