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  1. Hi all, Hope somebody can help with this. I've been using QT Pro 3.1 on my website for a while now and have no problems with it although I would like attribute stock to go negative if oversold to be consistent with how osCommerce handles product stock and see that this is a feature of QT Pro 4.0. I have installed this version of the contribution and the only thing I can't get working is this: As I have only one attribute dropdown menu I have the phrase 'Please Select' showing by default in the dropdown but don't want a customer to be able to actually select that as an option. In the earlier version I have another contribution that got around this and prevented this option from being choosen but it doesn't work with 4.0. Can anyone help? It would be most appreciated!! Luke
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    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Hi everyone, I've got this contribution working great but what I'd like to be able to do is by default have the product listing display product name A to Z and still have the option to list by bestsellers in the drop down. For example: $sort_list = array('2a' => 'Product A to Z', '2d' => 'Product Z to A', '6d' => 'Bestselling', '3a' => 'Price: Low to High', '3d' => 'Price: High to Low') Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Many thanks, Luke );