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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK, I found my problem! I missed the part that the product attribute & product attribute option need to be set up. Below are the steps if you need it: 1. Go to Products Attributes. 2. Create new option "PIN". 3. Create new option value called "Instant delivery". 4. Add this option/value to product you need and check "Is PIN code" checkbox. 5. Go to Catalog - PIN loader and click Upload. 6. Choose needed product and enter some codes into form field (separated by newlines, spaces, commas or semicolons) and click Update button. But first thing first, download the contribution from http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3883 and follow the instructions carefully. Thanks for the nice contribution. Suggestions: If the PIN Code Management can be more detail (in table) such as: PIN | Status (avail/sold) | delete (button) or something like that would be very nice.
  2. That's is it. Enjoy. Any questions, problems - post it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I implemented your suggested changes in checkout_process.php, but email sent to customer still doesn't contain the pin code. The count of pin codes in admin page got deducted properly, but email doesn't have the pin code delivered to customer and there was no download page in the email. Any suggestion for troubleshooting? Thanks in advance.
  3. cngo

    Paypal Payflow Link?

    -------------------------------------------------------- Hi, Can you let us know which contribution you used for your payflow link to make it work? There were a few out there and we don't know which one works. Have tried 2, but neither of them work for us. If you are not using any contributions, what mods you applied to your modules? Thanks.
  4. cngo

    Verisign entering login info

    ---------------------------------------------------------------- Did you ever get your question answered? Thanks.
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has this problem been solved? I got the same error at initial view, it disappeared when clicking refresh table.
  6. cngo

    credit card payment

    --------------------------------------------------------------- Download the CVV1 contribution (follow below link) and install per instruction. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...all/search,CVV1 Hope this helps.
  7. cngo

    Verisign Issues

    I made the change in verisignreturn.php but it doesn't work for me. I added the if($HTTP_POST_VARS['RESPMSG'] == 'Approved') statement with no avail. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. cngo

    Verisign Issues

    ------------------------------------------------------------- The reason I asked was that, the code below: $HTTP_POST_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; $HTTP_GET_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; reset ($HTTP_POST_VARS); reset ($HTTP_GET_VARS); was not in my checkout_process.php but in verisignreturn.php without the IF statement.
  9. cngo

    Verisign Issues

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ Where do you change the super globals?
  10. cngo

    Verisign Issues

    I have different results for 2 different versions of OSC: 1. I know it's pretty old version, but have no idea where to check for its version 2. OSC 2.2, may be MS1 These 2 versions of OSC have different payflow link contributions, again, I have no knowledge of where they were originated from. Since I inherited the sites just 2 months ago. for site#1: I've applied the change per Verisign recommended (I found it needs to be changed in checkout_verisign.php : perhaps somebody would know which contribution by the php file name) and it has been working O.K. so far. for site#2: I applied the changed in \language\english\cc_via_verisign.php and I exactly the same problem as described on this thread -- no order info posted in mysql. I'm a newbie, no experience, just want to share what I've seen as a result after making the changes on the 2 versions of OSC, perhaps someone could figure out what's gone wrong and come up with a fix for the problem sooner.
  11. Hello, Any one out there know what need to be done to convert from payflow link to payflow pro (VeriSign)? We has just signed up for Payflow Pro a few days ago and could not find any info or help from VeriSign. We get the error message "server identification error" when we changed to the new link VeriSign suggested. Please help!
  12. Hi Brian, I'm pretty new to both OSC as well as this forum, I skimmed through this thread and didn't find out which version of the contribution I should install first. Can you shed a light? Thanks.