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  1. Thanks for writing the contribution, I've been looking for something to do this for ages. 2 things: 1) Could you include the modified files in the download. I find it easier to use something like Beyond Compare to merge files. It's so much easier, and ensures you put the code in the right place and don't miss any out. 2) Everything seems to be working, except I can't see the images. When I write a review, I add a pic and click continue and it goes through and creates the review. I can go into admin and enable the image, but i can't see it (or the product image) on the edit page. The pics don't appear anywhere in the file structure - I created a folder called reviews as I didn't seem to have one, but they don't get uploaded anywhere. I even tried putting the pics straight in the folder using ftp, but they still don't appear. What have I missed? Thanks, Tamsyn btw: Was the upload file meant to go under admin or not? It wasn't clear, so I ended up putting it in both.
  2. Tamsyn

    2gether Discount

    Thanks for writing the contribution, I'm sure it will be useful. 2 queries: 1) In the install instructions #8 says to 'activate the order total module' How do I do this? I've added all the new files, double- and triple-checking those in the order total folders and they're definitely there. When I look in the admin and click on Modules-Order Total, there's nothing there for 2gether discount. I assume that I'm supposed to put the correct sort order that I wish in here, but there's nothing. Have I missed something? 2) I already have QT Pro installed and I've got a problem with application_top.php Does anyone have a working version of this for me please? Thanks, Tamsyn
  3. Tamsyn


    Yes. Tried both GIFT10 and GIFT_10, neither worked. Tamsyn
  4. Tamsyn


    Hi Rhea, thanks for the reply. I've been v busy and haven't had a chance to get back to it yet. Updating the status. I thought maybe you had to despatch the order to get the gv in the queue. Didn't work though. I didn't 'install' it in Modules --> Order Total in osC admin as it was already installed. I tried uninstalling it and installing it again. Didn't work. I set up a new database for this site, so it should be fine. When I use phpMyAdmin to look at the database, nothing shows up in the gv tables, so it looks like a gv isn't even created. Tamsyn
  5. Tamsyn


    Hi Rhea, great contribution, thanks for sorting it out. I've already got a site up and running with the original CCGV. It's a bit clunky though, so I am setting up a new version and starting all the contribs again. I've followed all the instructions and it all works fine - I can email a gv to myself and then redeem it. However, the problem is that if I puchase a gv and then despatch the order in admin, nothing happens with the gv. Nothing appears in the queue or any of the associated tables. Why don't the gvs show up in the queue? I've used Beyond Compare to make sure that all the updates are correct, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Tamsyn My Webpage
  6. Tamsyn

    All products page

    Have a look at lines 38-40 in that file. There are some font-size bits there, see if changing them works. (I haven't tried it though). hth Tamsyn
  7. Tamsyn

    A que about All Products

    Hi Julie, I just installed this today. You don't need to do anything to the database. What the notes mean is that the all_products.php page that you upload in your catalog folder, makes two database queries to list all your stores' products. Just add the 2 new files, update the filenames.php and english.php (or whatever language) and add a link to the page somewhere. hth Tamsyn
  8. :) Thanks Natalie, I thought I was going mad. I knew I had seen it but couldn't find it in the forums. Didn't think to look in the contributions section. Tamsyn
  9. Does anyone know a way to speed up EasyPopulate? I am *certain* I read a post a day or two ago with an easy fix - something about adding an ID to the table? At the moment , I am unable to create a complete ep file as it takes too long. The post I read said that the time taken for there's had dropped from 2 weeks to 30 seconds! As I was looking for something else at the time, I didn't note this down and, of course, I can't find the post now. Thanks, Tamsyn
  10. Tamsyn


    Can anyone help me with this? I had version 1.0 installed and working fine. When I tried to install Fast Easy Checkout, I realised that there were updates to Rewards/Points and that I would need to do this first. I've just tried upgrading through the previous versions up to date. Now I find that the checkout process isn't working and I can't find out why. When I click on continue on the checkout_payment screen I get this error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home2/dreamcra/public_html/catalog/checkout_confirmation.php on line 453 I've checked my checkout_confirmation page against the latest one in 1.60 using BeyondCompare and it matches (apart from alerations for CCGV and QTPro). What's the problem, anyone? Tamsyn
  11. Tamsyn


    I've just had a play around with my system and it appears that the minimum redeem level is for each and every redemption. Tamsyn
  12. Tamsyn


    I'm being stupid >_< I had a minimum redemption figure set which is why it didn't show up. Tamsyn
  13. Tamsyn


    In the install instructions, this bit: G. open catalog/checkout_process.php Clear sessions used at checkout if by any chance they still active. Find... (aprox. line 275) tep_session_unregister('comments'); ... and add after..... tep_session_unregister('customer_shopping_points');// Points/Rewards Module v1.00 tep_session_unregister('customer_shopping_points_spending');// Points/Rewards Module v1.00 should refer to logoff.php
  14. Tamsyn


    Does anyone have the Credit Class Contributuion installed with this? I've got points being added and showing up in the account ok. I can't redeem them though. There is no box on the checkout_payment.php page.
  15. Tamsyn

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    I've installed the contribution and (for once) it works the first time I did it :) One thing I can't figure out how to fix though: on the wishlist page, when it is empty it says "No products are in your Wishlist. Click here for help on using your Wishlist" The 'click here' is a link to wishlist_help but it doesn't have the .php extension so the link is broken. Where do I change this? Tamsyn