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  1. Using the 1.8 version of this contribution I ran into a small problem

    In line 47 of admin/mail.php i get an error telling me that the function do not exists : $mimemessage->add_html_newsletter($message);

    If i replace this by add_html it works. However I noticed that this add_html_newletter function does exists in classes/email.php. So obviously I don use that class .. Any ideas or was it just an error in mail.php ?


    The other problem I am running into is with the layout of my mail or newsletter if I include a table.


    If I send something with a table in it, it add a large gap just before the table and i have no idea why. Anyone got a clue abut this ?


    I have exactly the same problem and it drives me crazy.


    Using tables in emails and newsletters causes large white areas before the table. It looks nice just before you hit the 'send email' button, but when it arrives in your mailbox its very long and stretched.


    What's wrong, please somebody help? I'm ashamed to send this to my customers, but right now I have to...

  2. I just noticed that not all clicks show a originating URL (they all show the name of the affiliate). Does somebody know why this happens (type of browser, cookies accepted or not, etc)? And does this have any influence on the right assignment of resulting sales to an affiliate?


    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


    Jeroen Hendriks

    Any thoughts on this issue?


    Especially the last part of the question is important to some of my affiliates. Does it have any effect on the recording of the sales?


    Thanks, Jeroen

  3. No, not really, but they do have access to all the links in the Affiliate Menus and Affiliate Account too.


    It would be nice to be able to approve them first so that you can set restrictions on how they use your code. This will allow you to verify their websites and your code being used.


    I agree that this extra step would be nice.


    Let me add that it would also be nice if there was some sort of alert for every new application. Right now there's no really easy way to find out if a new affiliate applied.

  4. All right.... I'm actually going to try to post this in the right spot on this forum.  What can I say: final exams are frying my brain.


    Where does one change the option for approving affiliates?


    Right now, when someone signs up, they're automatically listed as an affiliate. I'd like the option to approve them before they do somethings stupid. But, I can't find where on the admin side I can fix this.






    I agree, it's a bit strange, but there's an acceptable work around. Just set the standard percentage to 0% and give the affiliate another percentage once you've approved his account.



  5. I just noticed that not all clicks show a originating URL (they all show the name of the affiliate). Does somebody know why this happens (type of browser, cookies accepted or not, etc)? And does this have any influence on the right assignment of resulting sales to an affiliate?


    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


    Jeroen Hendriks

  6. Hopefully, I'm in the correct forum...  This is the mod that I installed:




    and I used the zip file from the post dated 20 September 2003.  Should I have used the 15 October 2004?  I thought that was just for French?  uh oh.... hehehe



    But, the instructions I followed are as follows... well, at least the first bit...  :-"


      New Files to Add: 2                                                 









      Files to be Modified (instructions below): 6                         










    I basically just copied the 2 files to add to my directory, modified the rest of the files as instructed, etc.  However mainpage.php is an empty file.  There's nothing there at all.  I checked the zip file to make sure that I was correct, and the mainpage.php file is the same.


    I do notice in your directions that there are several files that are not included in my zip....


    Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!


    Same here.


    I've installed and copied everything as described in the Step by Step Installation. There's a WYSIWYG editor 1.7 item in the ADMIN/configuration where I can configure the mod. But beside that, there's nothing. No HTML editor in any text box and no item 'define mainpage' in the admin.


    I'm working with IE 6.0


    What did I miss?


    Any help is appreciated very much.



  7. Just installed this great contribution. It looks like it has a lot of potential. After a little testing I noticed a few strange things:


    - If you change the commission rate for an affiliate, the commission still is calculated using the default 10%

    - Both summary pages (catalog and admin) keep showing the 10% although it has been changed.

    - The admin affiliate page shows a rate of 10% (wrong) in the table and x% (right) in the infobox on the right.


    Am I missing something?

    Where is the default rate set? I would like to change it.


    - The commision is calculated for sales that are pending (not delivered yet). How does this work and where can I change it?


    If everything is working allright, I will translate this contribution into Dutch. Or is there already a Dutch translation I missed?


    Thanks for any help!

  8. Goedenavond Jeroen,


    I happened to have hacked my way through what I asked just above and have found solutions to most of my 'issues' with this contributions. Haven't got round to the postcode referencing but I did code a 'free delivery per product' work around.


    By doing this I found out where the weight is calculated.


    in includes/modules/shipping/mzmt.php do a search for $shipping_weight and you'll find it. It gets it from the $orders.  Part is done in classes/shipping.php but I believe the chosen module overrides this. You might want to have a look though.


    If it only shows half; are you sure you gave each and every item a weight?


    Did you add $shipping_weight to the globals like:


    // class methods
    ? ?function quote($method = '') {
    ? ? ?global $order, $shipping_weight;

    in that same file?


    By doing so it will actually display it, makes it easier for debugging.


    admin/configuration/shipping max weight gave me some strange behaviour. It added the percentage even when I set the max weight to 10000000. You might want to set the percentage to 0 to see if it helps.

    Hello Joe,


    Thanks for your quick reply.


    The shipping weight is displayed (i had already made $shipping_weight global). Everything is OK until the weigth of the order exceeds the max weight set in ADMIN. OSC then splits the weight in two equal parts and sets the number of packages to 2. From that moment on $shipping_weight is half the actual weight. The MZMT module then multiplies this with the number of packages (this is the section you're referring to, if i'm not mistaken).


    My idea was to prevent OSC from splitting the $shipping_weight at all and use the actual weight all the time (and let MZMT *divide* this amount by the number of packages when calculating the shipping costs). This seems more reliable to me than working with a wrong weight...


    This is why I would like to find out where OSC manipulates this $shipping_weight.


    Excuse me if my English explanation is a bit fuzzy, I hope you understand what i mean... :unsure:


    Regards, Jeroen

  9. Ah sorry, I forgot to put in multi package support.  It should be fixed now:




    Thanks Dreamscape for this wonderful contribution. It was just what I needed.


    The multipackage bugfix fixed the shipping costs, which are OK now. However, during checkout I want to display the right weigth and right now it shows only half the weight. I can't figure out where OSC calculates the $shipping_weight.


    Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?


    Thanks a lot.



  10. Hello,


    I'm having exactly the same problem! No errors and no uploaded data.


    Does anybody have an idea what could be causing this?


    Thanks, Jeroen



    Hi All!!!


    I really need some help! I have been using EP for quite some time and i think it a great contribution! But in the last couple of days it just stoped working... when i try to import a file from the temp directory i just get one line of text:


    Filename: new.txt


    When i try and upload one i get:

    File uploaded. 
    Temporary filename: /tmp/phpLK6t1F
    User filename: new.txt
    Size: 379864


    I have checked the temp path directory and it is correct in fact if i change it i get errors... I have checked the permissions and the are all 777 for the files and the folder... i have tried the php 5 fix just in case no luck... i spoke to my web host and asked if they changed something and they said no.


    I'm really out of ideas as to what could be causing this... ANY help would really be appreciated!!!!