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  1. kitchenniche

    fast easy checkout

    Any ideas? ;)
  2. kitchenniche

    fast easy checkout

    Yes, it works fine for me. However, I have another problem with the fast easy checkout: A customer who does not create an account receives a link by email with which he can create an account (he only needs to choose a password). When he does, he receives the following error-message: Your Current confirmation key did not match the key in our records. Please try again. Does somebody know what's wrong? Thanks a lot Sandra
  3. Any ideas? The code that causes the error is: require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . 'add_ccgvdc_english.php'); and is in admin/includes/languages/english.php I don't know very much about php but the weird thing is that the code starts with "require" and all other lines in that file start with "define" so I'm not sure if it is something to do with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi there, I just installed this contribution and I'm getting the following error when trying to go to my admin-section: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_REQUIRE in /home/kitchenn/public_html/admin/includes/languages/english.php on line 349 I checked the above line and i placed it exactly the way it is in the installation file. Does somebody know what might be the problem? Thanks a lot
  5. kitchenniche

    fast easy checkout

    Great it works! thanks so much!
  6. kitchenniche

    fast easy checkout

    Hi eww, It's randomly generated and that's what I don't like. The customer will have to change the password because he/she can't remember the randomly generated one. Is there a way to allow the customer to choose his/her own password? Thanks a lot
  7. kitchenniche

    fast easy checkout

    Hi, I just got this contribution installed but if a customer checks the box for creating an account, he/she's not able to choose a password. Does someone know how to add a line to choose a password? Thanks for any help
  8. kitchenniche

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Ok ignore the above, it just worked *g*
  9. kitchenniche

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi there, I am able to open the following via excel: Download Model/Price/Qty tab-delimited .txt file to edit Download Model/Category tab-delimited .txt file to edit Download Froogle tab-delimited .txt file Download Model/Attributes tab-delimited .txt file But "nothing" happens when i click at: Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit Any ideas? Thanks a lot
  10. kitchenniche

    MoPics 6 Contribution

    Hey there, I have installed the MoPics contribution as well and my problem is that the "Available Options" are displace by the extra pictures... You can see that by clicking HERE Is there a chance to prevent that? Many thanks in advance :thumbsup: Sandra
  11. kitchenniche

    Free Shipping for Canada & US only

    If there is no contribution for that, is there a way to make it possible that you can choose for which countries you want to offer free shipping ?
  12. Hello there, I was looking in the contribution section for a contrib which allows to choose the countries you want to offer free shipping but i didn't find something like this. The problem is that in admin/OrderTotal/Shipping I only have the choice between "National" , "International" , and "Both of them". I want to offer Free Shipping for Canada and US Customers. Somebody an idea? Many thanks, Sandra
  13. kitchenniche

    Country-State Selector

    Stevel, thanks a lot, you were right and it solved my problem. there was a bit of a mess in create_account.php probably because i just copied the code from the installation file. Thanks a lot for your help and for this great contribution Sandra
  14. kitchenniche

    Country-State Selector

    Hi Stevel, I have copied all define-codes which are for the create account from the pre-edited one from the contribution and i still get the error. thanks in advance