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  1. Shanet

    Worldpay support III

    Problem solved, I found a Worldpay module for Creloaded and it works perfectly! If anyone is interested you can find it here http://www.creloaded.com/Downloads/d_op=vi...eA/show=40.html
  2. Shanet

    Worldpay support III

    Well having read every post about Worldpay I havent found a solution to my problem. I use Cre loaded 61a with patch 1, worldpay - v4.0 - ver1.8 The module does everything it should, it processes my card, gives me a conformation, sends me an email but stays on the Worldpay conformation page. I dont get redirected to my store and an order doesnt get registered. Ive done every fix suggested but to no avail. Its a common problem by all the posts I've read but please anyone got any suggestions at all HELP Shane
  3. Shanet

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I was having the same problem with the last URL clicked not working but I am on a Linux server, I made the mods and it works fine now Shane
  4. Shanet

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Good suff Ed, I'm on a different time zone here so better late than never! Yes the lights, cart , the define for the language are all working fine. Added the flags to it as well, it looks great! Thanks a lot for your work Shane
  5. Shanet

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Just a small bug, In the explanations of the lights at the top right of the page it displays this Active/Cart Active/Cart Inactive/Cart Inactive/Cart Active/NoCart Active/NoCart Inactive/NoCart Inactive/NoCart TEXT_STATUS_ACTIVE_BOT TEXT_STATUS_ACTIVE_BOT TEXT_STATUS_INACTIVE_BOT TEXT_STATUS_INACTIVE_BOT Just a typo I suppose but can I easily correct it Shane
  6. Shanet

    Australian Shipping... Advanced.

    Use Auspost v2.02 with the fix file You can get it in contributions set your configuration up like this 1. everything has to be done in kgs 2. max shipping weight has to be set at "20" (kg) in admin - configuration - shipping/packaging 3. Tare weight must be set at 0 4. Large package must be 0 If you set it up like this it will divide the pakages into 20kg lots and charge accordingly. Australia Posts maximum pakage size is 20kg Here are a couple of posts to read up on http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...06entry507606
  7. JanZ Let me shower you in kisses! I added both lines and it works perfectly! Thanks a lot for all your help Shane
  8. Hey that sounds good to me! What I know about php you could write on a postage stamp! Its all a learnig curve for me please keep the suggestions coming. I'll try using both lines and see what happens. (when I get the time, I work a 14hr day at a mine site) Shane
  9. I tried mucking around with that line of code (but not like you have) and all I got was a wrong shipping price. As I understand it the (*1000) part is telling Auspost that the weight is in kg. Ill have a go with your code on my test site and see what happens Shane
  10. Tried that but got no response Shane
  11. Shanet

    International postage form Australia

    I use it on creloaded 6.1a and I never got a message like that ever. Sounds like you may have put the files in the wrong directory, try reinstalling them again and see what happens. Are you using auspost_v2.0.2 with the latest fix file? if not, thats the version to use. It can be found in contributions Here is post to consider. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...06entry507606 Also search the shipping module section with Auspost as your keyword it will help you a lot Shane
  12. Shanet

    Shipping Methods - Described...

    Okay I can only sort of help with a part of your question. Firstly I dont use UPS or Fedex as I am in Australia, I use a Auspost mod so I can only speak from my experience with it but having said that I would ASSUME other shipping mods work in basicly the same way. When a customer puts a product in their cart the cart reads the weight then sends a request to Australia Post asking how much it will cost to ship it and how long it will take, it then adds a handling charge (that I have set) and an Insurance charge(that I have set) and then displays: Number of packages, weight of package, time for delivery and itemised costs for handling, insurance and a total price for the whole lot. It doesnt set a customer or shipping number. I hope this helped a little bit. Shane
  13. Okay here a good one! I sell cut opal stones in my store and the weight I use to weigh them is grams. I use the Auspost contribution to calculate shipping, to use this addon 1. everything has to be done in kgs 2. max shipping weight has to be set at "20" (kg) in admin - configuration - shipping/packaging 3. Tare weight must be set at 0 4. Large package must be 0 So in order to use it I MUST use correct weights. Most of my stones weigh around 0.2 grams which equates to 0.0002 kg Now if you add a stone to the cart which weighs 0.0002kg the Auspost shipping calculater gives an error. The only way I can get Auspost to calculate is to use a weight with less than 2 decimal places before a non zero number (i.e. 0.002 kg) This is okay because my packaging weighs 10 grams, so the customer doesnt get ripped off with shipping costs. I would just like to know if anyone has any ideas why it does this? I use Creloaded 6.1a Shane
  14. You can specify free shipping when the total gets to a certain price in the admin under configuration - Shipping/Packaging for a contribution about the rest I cannot help you. Shane
  15. Shanet

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Flags would be great, any color is fine by me, just let us get our hands on it! Shane