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  1. Hi Ian, A) Mysql B) SSL Different Domain C) latest cvs D) Tust for info: Above code change don?t work already tried it myself ;) When the change is in, the sid killer don?t work... Ian tnx again for your great work and help. Hope you find a good solution soon. :) Alex
  2. @mugitty This section is the only real changes!! all the other codesnipplets are only checks. I think its clear when you uncomment that section that all other things work...
  3. My version I have is always the actual cvs version. "patch" is my best friend :D Coudl the Problem SSL -> NONSSL come from a sslproxy? I realy don??t know... Alex
  4. Hi, just tried your actuel SID Killer, but I really runs into Problems with it. I think I installed all your code correct (tried it several times...). But the problem still exists. The Problem: After login all seems good. I can click on My Account, everything ok. But after klicking on a catagory (only a example), I?m logged out again! This seems to happen everytime the shop changes the mode from ssl -> no ssl. I realy don?t have a idea what to do know.... Tnx Alex