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  1. Hi,


    Does anyone know what can cause this error?


    Warning: ftp_put(): php_connect_nonb() failed: No route to host (65)


    The error happens when I try to run the latest Froogle Feeder 1.63


    It said it happen on line 410 of the froogle.php which looks like this:


    ftp_pasv ( $conn_id, true ) ;

    // upload the file

    $upload = ftp_put( $conn_id, $ftpdestinationfile, $ftpsourcefile, FTP_ASCII );


    Thanks in advance



  2. Hi,


    I hope someone can help me, I had installed this contirbution about a month ago and actually succesfully upload a file onto my Froogle account, but for some reason Froogle status on my account always say Error on feed.


    I had double check everything and open the text file several times to check is their is something wrong; but I don't see anything wrong.


    Somone told me that some caracthers on the feed maybe illigal caracthers but I had not yet found on the Froogle website a list of none legal Character to compare.


    Please help


    Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:


    Still no pictures for me in my feed, except for two products. My stats show that the googlebot hasn't visited my site at all this month. And what's even worse, Google still hasn't answered my email. I know they are slow, but this is ridiculous.  :'(

  3. I'm getting this error when I click on the "Customer Zip/State Mismatch" option, do you guys have any idea why? I can see the grid that say that no mismatch had been found, but I know is not working because I had a bad zipcode setup for testing that should show up.


    I beleive this error is not letting the script finish validation.

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/myborinq/public_html/ecommerce/os/catalog/admin/zipcode_validate.php on line 176

    Thanks in advance


    I see what you guys mean, I changed it to display Zip Code Validator and added the version number as well.


    I have aslo added Puerto Rico, thanks [/b]baddog[/b]!


    Also, thanks to jnew for making the newest version so that you no longer have to edit your database info among a few other updates. Below is the latest updates to date...






    Nov 16, 2004 - Dave (baddog)

    Added Puerto Rico

    Shortened the name so that it gets displayed on 1 line now

    Added the version number at the top


    Nov 16, 2004 - John P. New (jnew)

    User no longer has to modify database info in zipcode_validate.php.

    If all states and zip codes match in the customer's database, report now returns a message stating such.

    If no US addresses in the customer's database are found, report now returns a message stating such.

    Hey, thanks DooD!


    Nov 15, 2004 - Scott Moore (PopTheTop)

    Updated for osC v2.2 MS2

    Full re-write of original contribution to integrate with osC Admin section.

    Added link in Admin / Reports to run this contribution.

    Layout of report is now much nicer.

    Made it compatible with the Admin DHTML Menus contribution.


    Aug 31, 2004 - Doug Edmunds

    Original contribution and code and idea by: Doug Edmunds.


    What a great start!

  4. Doing more testing I just realize that the problem is not the amount of items, but the weight. If the product weights more than 9.00 pounds it give me the error


    An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.

    If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.


    Any new ideas base on this new info?





    I had being on the production servcer for a long time already. This problem only happen after 9 items for some reason.


    Thanks for the reply

  5. I had being on the production servcer for a long time already. This problem only happen after 9 items for some reason.


    Thanks for the reply



    You need to have your USPS module configured for the production servers... I did this by entering my account information on the admin console window, then I contacted the usps support line and they moved my server to production and my problem was solved.... not sure why you are having problems after nine objects...


    hope this helps..



  6. Thanks for the reply.


    I have another question yo umaybe able to answer, I just notice that when I add more than 9 items to my shopping cart, when it goes to the shipping part the USP give the following error:


    An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.

    If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.


    Any ideas?







    Darkvader I may have a solution for you. We were running into problems with the USPS module rounding some shipping wieghts down and others were fine. after looking at the pattern and the code from catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php I found the problem. I have found a way to eliminate the round down problem when products add up to any fraction of an oz. less than .5 the code in the USPS shipping module reads as follows


    // usps doesnt accept zero weight

          $shipping_weight = ($shipping_weight < 0.1 ? 0.1 : $shipping_weight);

          $shipping_pounds = floor ($shipping_weight);

          $shipping_ounces = round(16 * ($shipping_weight - floor($shipping_weight)));

          $this->_setWeight($shipping_pounds, $shipping_ounces);


    I changed mine to the following


    // usps doesnt accept zero weight

          $shipping_weight = ($shipping_weight < 0.1 ? 0.1 : $shipping_weight);

          $shipping_pounds = floor ($shipping_weight);

          $shipping_ounces = ceil(16 * ($shipping_weight - floor($shipping_weight)));

          $this->_setWeight($shipping_pounds, $shipping_ounces);


    The problem and fix are both in red. The round function under PHP does classic rounding (rounding anything from 1 to 4 down and anything from 5 to 9 up) while the ceil funcion takes any fraction to the next highest whole number (2.45 becomes 3) sort of the opposite of floor.  Since the USPS rounds up any fraction of an ounce to the next highest ounce the appropriate solution would be to round up also.


    Hope this helps...


    Good Luck,



  7. Hi,


    I get this erro when I try to see the ECHO Payment Processing under customers in the OsCommerce ADMIN side.


    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/myborinq/public_html/ecommerce/os/catalog/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 99



    Any ideas why?



    Thanks in advance



  8. Just to clarify...


    While USPS requires pounds and ounces, your entries in the stock osC should be made in whole units (pounds) and the decimal equivalent for parts of a whole unit - not ounces. The USPS module takes care of converting the information into pounds and ounces


    For example, in the reference above:I assume that the products mentioned are supposed to be 10 ounces each? They should be entered as 0.625 when entering their weight into the new product page. If entered as 0.10, the total for two properly appears as 0.20 which the USPS module will translate into 3.2 ounces (4 ounces rounded) which is obviously still under 1 pound and still a valid First Class weight.



    Mugitty and Quinton,


    Thanks a lot for the replies !!


    Quinton by using your fix do I still need to enter the ounces the way Quinton mention (0.10 had to be enter as 0.625 ) or I will be able to use 0.10 ?


    I had been using the 0.10 format on all my products :-( so changing them to the 0.625 format will be a major task :-(


    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

  9. Thank you!!





    I notice that when you have two products on your shopping cart that each one weight for example 0.10 instead of the contribution to add them up to 1.04 it add them up to 0.20 wich cause the contribution to show First Class to the costumer as an option for shipping. Which obviously is wrong because everything 1.00 up should only be ship via Priority Mail.


    Does anyone knows a solution to this problem?


    I hope my explanation of the problem is clear enought


    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

  10. Maybe as relief for yourself, you're not the only one with this problem. My store was working find until yesterday afternoon on wich the checkout_shipping.php page give me the "cannot be displayed error ", I narrow is down on my case to the USPS Module. If I turn on the USPS module then the problem start, I can use Flat rate or table rate and it work fine.


    I had being using the USPS contribution for a while now and it was working fine until yesterday. No idea why but I beleive is on the USPS servers side.


    If someone knows anything about it please help me and ARTRat


    Thanks :thumbsup:


    I'm getting the page cannot be displayed error when I try to enter the checkout stage- as I see lots of other posts about this- I hope I can get this sorted out.


    First- my oscommerce does contain contributions. I started with milestone2 +B2BSuite - got this from the caneblu site. I have added other contibs to this.


    i have tried to install the fresh plain oscommerce from my webhost. I don't wanna say it. ok-- iPowerweb. there its out. PLEASE DONT MAKE ME TALK TO THEM- ITS LIKE PULLING TEETH  :'(  anyway the same thing happpens in ANY install of oscommerce modded or not.


    I read other posts- you don't have your ssl set up correctly for the store. I have my own ssl for my site. I'm on a shared server but pay for a dedicated IP and have my own certificate.


    also I read a post to answer if the shipping modules installed correctly. I have come to the conclusion after many many weeks of trying this on my own- if I uninstall ups and usps modules, then I can checkout. if I install one or the other or both, I cannot get the page to display. I have tried the clean oscommerce, the b2bsuite clean, the ups choice and usps methods.


    Right now I have installed ms2+b2bsuite, gift voucher, add weight to product, attribute sort, new attributes, wysiwyg editor, category descriptions, header tag control, usps methods, ups choice, paypal ipn...and im gonna rip my hair out! Let me add again that a clean install (fresh database too) does the same thing, so I wager its not the contributions...or maybe a bad bad mix?


    worse comes to worse i go live in a cave.

    what is the first thing i need to do to get this fixed?

  11. IF you are all using the USPS Methods contribution, then you may have the same problem I had today, (Dec 3, 2004)....


    If I try to get TRANSIT TIME I lose the abiblty to get ANYTHING.  For now, I turned off "Display Transit Time" and "Display Weight" in the admin for USPS Shipping.


    That gets me all the quotes fine again.  I don't have  time today to sort out the reason why it bombs when trying to get transit time, but suspect USPS changed something since last April or May when I stopped offering Domestic USPS.  Activating it today produced the problems most of you describe above and in fact, caused my checkout_shipping page to come back 404...


    Maybe someone can sort out the problem with getting the transit times!  At least for now it quotes all the rates OK.





    This USPS Methods contribution handle ounces? If not, is there anyway to do so.


    Any help will be appreciated.



  12. Hi All


    I have just commited some changes to the standard paypal module.


    The billing address details are now sent to paypal directly so the customer does not need to re-enter them.


    I have also added the new auto return feature.


    Remember to set the correct return page in your paypal account.


    Any feedback is appreciated.



    Is there anything especial I need to setup to get the customer address to transfer to Paypal to avoid double entry?


    I had the latest Payapl module but when I take a look to customer order details on paypal nonen of them have the customer address.




    Any help will be appreciated.