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  1. I have installed the google site maps and get the following error:- The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. I have Seo urls also installed Can anybody help?
  2. hiveuk


    How did you falsify the dates - i need to check my test affilates before i go live with it. Thanks Darren
  3. I have installed the affiliate contribution and have got the program running with all the images being displayed apart from when the affiliate "builds a link" the images do not show for them although the url's do work ok. Can anyone help on this - i have gone right through this thread trying to find the answer - surely someone knows a quick fix?
  4. I have installed the affiliate contribution and whilst testing it i noticed that the "product" images do not appear? Can anyone offer any advise on how to sort this one? Thanks in advance! Darren
  5. I have a problem with the affiliate program. It all seemed to have installed ok but when you sign up as an affiliate you get this error:- 1044 - Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' to database 'databasename_oscommerce' LOCK TABLES affiliate_affiliate WRITE [TEP STOP] I think it must be a problem with the database - can anybody offer me some help/advise? Thanks in advance Darren
  6. hiveuk

    Paypal IPN

    Hi I installed the contribution for paypal ipn. I configured it. Whe i made a dummy sale to test it, the payment doesnt show up on paypal. Any ideas on why? Can anybody help me check through my installation? Darren
  7. hiveuk

    easypopulate access program

    Is there an updated version that would link easier?
  8. Hi Has anybody written an access database program to handle the download and upload to work with easypopulate? Darren
  9. The problem is that once i upload via easypopulate the links through to the suppliers url and image doesnt work. It is looking for a image inside the catalog rather than the full url. I have hundreds of these to do and to make life simpler i would like to use the easypopulate. Darren ps - has anybody done a microsoft access program to check/play about with the info rather than use excel?
  10. No Problem Here is a sample part of code:- v_products_model prods2321312 v_products_image http://www.firebox.com/pic/p6p.jpg v_products_name_1 Traser Glowring v_products_description_1 Clever chemistry, no batteries and a selection of glowing colours. No-maintenance light sources are fine by us. v_products_url_1 http://www.dgm2.com/m/firebox/b.asp?A=1458...product%26pid=6 Can you understand my problem. Regards Darren
  11. If i were to send you a sample csv - can you please verify that? Ihave tried to map and the re-upload nut the url is incorrect when i look at the products page for both the web address and the image. Regards Darren
  12. Hi Yes they have already supplied the data in csv format. Can you help further? :thumbsup: Darren
  13. I have installed EP wich operates fine. My only problems are:- 1) I need to link to my suppliers web site. 2) I need to link to my suppliers image. All of this needs to be done through EP. I am not too sure how to go about this. Good instructions are needed to help me sort this one - no quick one liners! Your help would be most appreciated. Regards Darren
  14. Hi I am relatively new to this and need some help with settings, what i am unsure of is the "prevent spider sessions". I need my site to work well with the search engines and note that some alterations/upgrades are available. The www.hiveuk.co.uk site has been running since November and is starting to get picked up by the search engines but i have seen some os site with a more regular page desciption rather than all the jumbled up numbers and letters as the url and think that may be a benefit if i could add it onto my site. Any help would be very much appreciated. To save others reading your replies you can send them direct to me at info@hiveuk.co.uk. Thanks Darren