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  1. I read the whole forum in regards to the issue with American Express 4 digit CVV not being accepted correctly. I tried changing the length of the CVV but then it wouldn't accept 3 digit CVV for Visa, Mastercard, etc. I changed this in catalog\includes\modules\payment\cc.php Find in the function javascript_validation: And replace with: This makes it so that if the CC_CVV_MIN_LENGTH is 3, the CC_CVV has to be between 3 and 4 and not null (blank) to be accepted. I'm not sure if this is best way to fix the problem, but it is working for me now. -Matt
  2. I am trying to add more than six images to this Contribution. I have been able to add the fields and they appear to be working. I am getting an error in the page when I add any lines to the editor.generate section of categories.php. I tried adding editor_generate('products_image_sm_7',additonal_image); editor_generate('products_image_xl_7',additonal_image); just before </script>. When I add one line, it says there is an error on the page. Is there a predefined amount of images that is set somewhere? I have been working on getting this to work for hours and I ran into this error. I don't want to release the site with an error, even if it is in the admin area. How can I add more lines to the javascript code to generate more editor fields? Thanks for your help. -Tfadonis
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    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to use Attribute Sets as well as other Attributes added one at a time. Currently, I have different sizes for shoes that are available for products, but some shoes don't have all the sizes, so I need to add these seperately. I don't think the Attribute Set was designed to work with using the Product Attributes page. I can add Attributes one at a time, but when I edit the product and update (even if I change nothing), the other attributes are wiped off the product. It seems to be erasing everything except the attribute sets that are selected. Some of the options I need are only one color, so I don't need a whole set for a single color. Is there a way to change it so that when editing a product, it doesn't erase all the attributes that are connected to the product. More of an append than replace, I guess. I'm not sure how I could do this, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt