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  1. sh1977

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hello, i noticed no post in ages in this forum. But i'll ask my question any how. I've got ccc working well, the only problem i have is no info is coming into the Pending Builds. Just wondering is anyone might know how to fix this. Regards, Scott
  2. Fast Easy Checkout Contrib Hello all, i've installed everything but am stuck on the checkout side of things. When i go to checkout i don't see an option to use the Gift Voucher. I have a contrib installed call Fast Easy Checkout, this is conflicting with it. Just wondering if anyone using Fast Wasy Checkout and Gift Vouchers could post their checkout_shipping.php code up for me to look at. Of if you know what i'm doing wrong please just tell me :). Regards, Scott P.S i have overwriten checkout_shipping.php with the one supplied from 5.14 and it seems to work. But i loose the fast & easy checkout.
  3. sh1977

    Flash Banners

    Thanks for you replys Jefs.42 very much appreciated. I think i'll just leave it as is then if it's mainly a browser issue. If people really want to click or go to the link they will read the flash and follow it from there :). Thanks again Jefs. Scott
  4. sh1977

    Flash Banners

    Hello I've installed the below contrib http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ll/search,flash The contrib works fine but one little problem, you can't click on it to follow the link. Can be seen on http://www.up2date.net.au at the bottom, if it does load first time refresh. Just wondering is you can do this with flash. If so how :). Regards, Scott
  5. Hello Everyone Just a question. Does anyone know what the best way to reorganise all the categories and sub categories. I'm not 100% sure but i think if i try and use easypopulate i'll end up with dupliate products everwhere. Just wonder is easypopulate will do it, or if there is another way of doing it. Regards, Scott
  6. Hello Thanks for your help. The problem was to do with the database and not any of the code. One of the three tables below had a problem. Customer_Info Customer_Basket Customer_Basket_Attributes After i cleared all three tables everything started working fine. No idea what was wrong inside the tables, but who cares it works now. Regards, Scott
  7. Hello Nana Thanks for your reply. I tried putting the code into the checkout_process.php file but i;m getting the same error. Regards, Scott
  8. Hello All Could someone help me out with a little problem Does anyone know why in checkout_success.php the value of (int)$orders['orders_id'] always equals zero?". Some more info. I'm trying to install iDevAffiliate with % per sale. But when an affiliate makes a sale i'm getting an error in the iDevAiliate admin section. The error is Processing Error! Check Cart Integration & Processing Code Configuration The helpdesk guy from iDevAffiliate suggested seeing if anyone here might be able to help out. Below is his email I haven't a clue. Every single time the order number is coming back as 0 in the confirmation. We have well over 400 osC users and use that cart ourselves. I've never seen of this or heard of it. The bottom line is when we go into the database to get the order details, it's trying to the details of order #0 which of course doesn't exist. I'd check the osC forums and ask why the following always = 0. (int)$orders['orders_id'] I'd say something like, "does anyone know why in checkout_success.php the value of (int)$orders['orders_id'] always equals zero?". Lucky me i always like to be the first one to have a error. Anyone got any ideas? Regards, Scott
  9. Hi All Just wondering if someone could point me to a contrib that may help me I'm after a shipping contrib that will allow me to have some preset prices but also a quotation system. So for example for a small item they would get the price right away, but for larger items i would need to quote them a price. Anyone got any ideas Regards, Scott
  10. Hello All Just wondering if anyone knows of a databse or program or both that can manage your suppliers stock in one area. Then export it into oscommerce. It would need to keep track of prices or stock. Still looking through google for one. But thought i'd ask here as well. Regards, Scott
  11. sh1977

    Shipping Help

    Hello All I run an online store http://www.up2date.net.au I'm having trouble finding a good shipping contrib, and i feel i could be scaring some customers off because of this. Just after some help or suggestions. I'm using a courier service in Australia to deliver my products to my customers. The price changes as per the customers location and size and weigtht of the goods. Does anyone know of a contrib that will factor location, size and weight of the good to give the customer the most correct price. Also if the item doesn't match any of the above can it change to manual and i get to add the cost in afterwoods. Any help would be great. Regards Scott
  12. THx for reply So atm google hasn't finished indexing ? Scott
  13. Hi All I've install this contrib and all seems to work well. Google has finally listed my page. Only thing in goole none of my heading are correct. So i just would like to confirm this is what is meant to be in the xml files - <url> <loc>http://www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=1099</loc> <lastmod>2005-06-20</lastmod> <changefreq>weekly</changefreq> <priority>1.0</priority> </url> - <url> <loc>http://www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=968</loc> <lastmod>2005-06-25</lastmod> <changefreq>weekly</changefreq> <priority>0.3</priority> </url> - <url> <loc>http://www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=786</loc> <lastmod>2005-04-28</lastmod> <changefreq>weekly</changefreq> <priority>0.2</priority> </url> - <url> <loc>http://www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=874</loc> <lastmod>2005-04-28</lastmod> <changefreq>weekly</changefreq> <priority>0.2</priority> Does the above look right ? This is what google is listing my pages as there are hundereds of these. www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=1307 Similar pages www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=2202 Similar pages www.up2date.net.au/product_info.php?products_id=854 Any help would be great. THanks Scott