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    changing customers e-mail address ...

    HahAAAAH! The above described Problem can not be solved by using the Administration Order Editor. This only changes the CUSTOMER SQL database. You have to carefully enter the new data by hand in the ORDER SQL database. Then everything falls into plase. ..I knew that I can rely on myself... (8-)))
  2. Hic Leones

    changing customers e-mail address ...

    ... in addition, I found that the "new data" are all registered in the SQL Database ... and still the "old data" keep on popping up in the invoice etc. I'm ... puzzled.
  3. Dear community Members, I have searched the forum topics for 26 min. and found no answer. Here the problem: 1. A customer logs in, fills in his data, and is registered 2. He informs me that by error he has entered the wrong e-mail address. 3. I change in Administration with the customer editor (/catalog/admin/customers.php) his e-mail address 4. Upon saving and reopening his customer file the new e-mail address is there 5. ... but on the Invoice the old e-mail still appears and if I send him an order-processing-update the old e-mail address is still used. 5a. .. all this happens too, when I reboot the computer between the change and the Invoice print (or processing-update mail). Do I have to change the data in the SQL database? I very much appreciate knowlegable help. Hic Leones