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  1. Trying to implement some kind of light box instead of the pop up image.


    Copied file from this location :







    Cleared the cache from : OM/Work/Cache


    Still no luck... :blink:


    Anyone on this one.

  2. I've installed osCommerce_PayPal_IPN_v1.4 ... and everything seems to work.

    The only thing is that i wanna use cURL instead of openssl ...


    How do I configure this ?


    I've got a live account on paypal running.

    But it seems the order doesn't get over to paypal.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated !


    thanks a lot !



  3. What to modify :


    In the \includes\modules\payment

    Look for the file psigate.php

    on line 271 ... near the end of line look for "CAD" and replace it with


    Upload the file back to the server.

    In your OsCommerce admin ... go to Modules --> choose payment --> Uninstall

    the psigate module ---> And finally reinstall it !

    Test it with : teststore


    That's it ! :thumbsup:

  4. I,ve tried to get the PSIGate module working ... but all i get is this message of error : "CC-4034: No ChargeTotal provided."


    By the way i've also phoned PSIGate for this problem and it seems i'm not the only one having trouble with it !


    I'm using the remote payment method.


    Any body as an idea why this problem ?


    capte !