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  1. Hey thats Good :thumbsup: Im still running one of the earlier versions back when you first came out with it...I stopped at the one that copied the look of the new invoice to the web invoice after customer logs in... (our site was centered & didnt think it would look right) :D This thread is very active :D see ya around B)
  2. Thank You. I eventually figured it out and got it working. However this page you listed could have really saved me alot :lol: of trial and error. After looking at JavaRoasters feed and others feed I saw how they were flowing... Only problem, Its very specific to how I wanted it to show and for the purpose of what I needed. If I release it as contribution, I dont know how many or if any would benefit.... I did write something that logs and registers the ip address and shows it when you are looking at the customers table in the admin section... maybe some would like that...
  3. Hey everyone. Im trying to create an rss feed of our store's products. I cant get any of the contributions to work. The closest one, and the one that I started working from is this one: RSS contribution that I am trying to modify Now when I try to show this feed testing on a postnuke installation locally .. the file I am using is rss.php .... but nothing shows up except the title of the 'item' - but no image .. the link does work however... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <rss version="0.91"> <channel> <title>Title Here</title> <source></source> <link></link> <language></language> <url></url> <item> <title>Fi Al Mazr'aa (Rotating Dictionary - Children)</title> <price>$7.00</price>> <link></link> <url></url> </item> </channel> </rss> ------------ Is it because the file ends in .php or is it using wrong tags??? :( Thank You
  4. Thank you Howard! Thank you. Everything you wrote was absolutely correct and worked for me! I have been running around trying to generate my own private/public keys with openssl via xampp with so much trouble..... Thank you (my SSL issuer gave me the public certifcate in PEM format - and told me to get my private key from webhost [who refused to give it to me] -- all this because I thought it was the way to do it from reading the manual from paypal about encrypted web payments) Thanks again.
  5. wow ! that looks good question: do you really need the \n\n ? You had already used the <br> so the \n\n confuses me...
  6. Oh man my mistake. Your right. I misunderstood, I was expecting to see crazy tables all over the place. and....I got the same problem too....noticed it after you pointed it out.... :o
  7. Thanks for reply I downloaded the contribution and read over the documentation.. question: What about the credit card info in database? Does this encrypt the credit card info in the database? -and- Does the credit card number still show in the admin panel customer order details? Thank you.
  8. Can this contribution be modified for use with PGP?
  9. ???? Im using Firefox 1.02 and I dont see any problems. To make sure I went their using IE and it looks the same as in FF ??? Can provide screenshots of what I see if that would help you.
  10. Contribution has been updated,2159
  11. Update to contribution will be posted shortly
  12. Got Stumped Alright all the error messages are gone... I go to create the pdf catalog and the process seems to finish (tested on IE and FF) ... ...seems to appears to refresh itself ... and nothing else happens? Im just left with a blank white page with the left column and top header that is normally in admin side... I have the 'default pdf dir' to chmod 777 ?
  13. !!! Amanda !!! Thank you! I did a quick search in the DB and found it .... that was really strange... Well, that problem is solved, but I got another error... Hopefully I can fix that one on my own.... If not, I guess I will be back later :lol:
  14. Just tried it again, this time it did not remember me ... my ip address is the same so I know it cant be that (orginal contribution also uses ip to remember you) ... hmm dont know what to tell you maybe some else can help you with you configure.php ....
  15. I have installed 25 Feb 2005 - V1.59 Author: Cedric Taffein I have also applied the fix posted here: Also had to chmod the catalogues dir to 777 as 755 would cause timeouts... --- Now when I try to create the catalog, I get the following error: But this is NOT true ?? I see the extension within my ftp program and I also check the backup copy I have locally and it is .jpg I then tried changing the extension to .gif just to see what would happen and it still gave me the same error.. Then I just deleted the file to see what that would do, and I STILL got the same error even though the image had been deleted.. This is really strange. Does anyone know what is going on?