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  1. sydney

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Thank you Clarocque for this contribution. I installed Version 1.3a today and it works great! I just thought that I should point out that in Step 1 of the instructions, the 4th item - reads: includes/functions/meta_tags.php should be uploaded to your *catalog*/includes/ directory but should read: includes/functions/meta.php should be uploaded to your *catalog*/includes/functions directory I'm sure that most people install it properly based on the directory structure in the download but I missed this and put meta.php directly in my /includes directory and not the /includes/functions directory and had a blank page with an error when I clicked on the product page. Regards, Sydney
  2. The same thing is happening to me except many of the pictures do work but some other pictures don't show up (have an X) but when I "click to enlarge", the pictures work. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide! Regards, Sydney I wonder if it's a bitmap versus JPEG thing? Regards, Sydney
  3. sydney

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hello Adam, Thanks for the info! Will be watching for the International Versions! Thanks for this contribution - looks extremely good. I'm sad that I can't use it yet! All the Best, Sydney
  4. sydney

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hello, Do you think this would work with the Canadian Version of Quickbooks? Has anyone tried it? Have you had success? I searched this thread and noticed that as of May 2005 there was no support for International Versions. I'm wondering if I should try it and see if it works. (Backing everything up beforehand of course!) The Canadian Version of Quickbooks is very similar to the U.S. Version and the import\data transfer features seem very similar. Thanks! Sydney
  5. sydney

    Paypal Currency changes to US at Paypal's Site

    Thank you for your response. Everything works now!! I was using "CDN" to represent Canadian dollars. This morning, I changed it to CAD on oscommerce and it now works!! I think that Paypal was not recognizing it before and thus it transferred it to USD. So, I think that we have to use the exact same currency symbol used by Paypal. Best regards, Sydney
  6. sydney

    Paypal Currency changes to US at Paypal's Site

    As a follow up to my originaly post, I thought I'd mention that I have both US and a CDN$ accounts set up in Paypal and both have balances in them. Thanks again! Sydney
  7. Hello, My website has Canadian and U.S. currencies with Canadian $ being the default. No matter which currency is selected on my website, if Paypal is chosen as a payment option, the customer is redirected to Paypal's site but the amount shown by Paypal is in U.S.$ only and the customer pays in U.S.$ If the original order is in U.S.$, the exact same U.S.$ amount is used. If the original order is in Cdn$, the U.S.$ converted at Paypal's rate (not mine) is used. I want U.S.$ orders to be in US$ and Canadian $ orders to be in CDN$ (not US$) My primary currency in Paypal is Cdn$. My default currency in oscommerce is Cdn$. I am using the Paypal IPN Payment Module v1.1 but this happens if I use the regular Paypal module too. I have searched through the forums and the contributions and was unable to find a solution to this - I found several posts that mentioned this problem I couldn't seem to find any solutions. If anyone can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it!! Thank you in advance! Sydney