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  1. Hallo you all! hope everyone is having a great time this festive season :thumbsup: I managed to fix this issue by forcing cookie usage in oscommerce, i actualy prefer it this way, now my URL's are much nicer, without the osCsid= part, a lot of people link to my pages, and they just copy the url :blink: also now, using the contribution "Infoboxes outside OSC" - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1075 I am showing my shopping cart as a block in phpnuke, so now, no matter where you are on the website, you can see what's in your shopping cart and go to it with one click, no lost sessions aand no lost shopping carts :) hope this helps someone else too! :thumbsup: ciao/riaan www.3am.co.za
  2. hallo you php gurus :) i need some help, maybe some smart person can help me? i have phpnuke and oscommerce, / = phpnuke /catalog/ = oscommerce as long as someone stays within /catalog/ their cart is preserved and the osCsid is in the url, but when the move back to phpnuke, the osCsid is lost, and so is their cart :blink: i'm wondering i if i can set the osCsid in phpnuke's cookie? or let phpnuke and oscommerce use the same cookie even? i have looked at External Session, but when i include the oscommerce files i think that phpnuke then wants to use oscommerce database :( include_once('includes/configure.php'); include_once('includes/database_tables.php'); include_once('sessions.class.php'); mmm ... some help would be very much appreciated :) thank you very much! sunny greetings from cape town, south africa ciao/riaan www.3am.co.za
  3. starachna

    Master Products - MS2

    Ahoy Ian, can you please post the code that fixed it? been trying for 2 days now but I'm just too much of a N00b with php :-" thanks dude! :thumbsup: ciao/riaan
  4. starachna

    osPlayer v2

    hi all, yesterday i took the plunge and upgraded to php 5, [ebuild R ] dev-lang/php-5.1.4 :blink: after that OSC Player no longer showed the list of mp3 in both catalog and admin :'( after plenty struggle, my friend helped me fix it, all credit to Gideon the problem is with utf8_encode, if you change in both 1. catalog/player_parser.php 2. catalog/admin/player_parser.php ///////// function Parse($variable,$valeur) { echo "&" . $variable . "=" . utf8_encode(urlencode($valeur)); } to ///////// function Parse($variable,$valeur) { echo "&" . $variable . "=" . urlencode($valeur); } it will be fixed, thanks also to the people who helped with php errors, fixes can be found here, PHP5 & OS Commerce ciao/riaan Psytrance B)
  5. starachna

    downloads controller stock update

    FIX: i fixed it by hashing out the following piece of code in catalog/checkout_process.php /* // do not decrement quantities if products_attributes_filename exists if ((DOWNLOAD_ENABLED != 'true') || (!$stock_values['products_attributes_filename'])) { $stock_left = $stock_values['products_quantity'] - $order->products[$i]['qty']; } else { $stock_left = $stock_values['products_quantity']; } */ hope it helps someone else too ciao/riaan
  6. hi community, if anyone can help me i would be very greatful, my shop can be found here: http://3am.co.za/catalog i have build in downloads controller contribution, but i see when products are bought it does not subtract it from the stock, i realize that downloads can technically not be out of stock, but i really need this feature, the stock does work in admin though when i delete an order and i check restock items, it adds it to the stock, thank you for any help, have a great day! ciao/riaan
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    thanks davea0511! i managed to uncomment out the areas i don't need! thanks for the help! have a super day! ciao/riaan
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    Hello's! First of, what a great contribution!! really awesome stuff!! Well Done!! I would like to know, weather it's possible to, let ONLY ADMIN create a new affiliate account? some websites are real dodgy!?! and i don't want my product shown on their sites :P OR have a similar functionality similar to "Edit Order" or "New Order" in the admin backend but for affiliates, thus New Affiliate or Edit Affiliate? I'm using v 2.5a on MS 2.2 thanks for your time! ciao/riaan