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  1. RIGHT ON!! Its all good now, thanks Radders! You are awesome!
  2. srry.. here is the screenshot;
  3. Also, here is a screen shot of my last problem. 1) How do I pass the cut off information to the next page? 2) How do I get all the text to align correctly. Thanks so much for your help! Jaymz
  4. Ya, its pretty strange. I figured it wasn't in the coding because of the sudden nature of which it happened but was hoping someone may have seen this before and could suggest a fix.. but looks like doing it by order number will work just fine. Can I comment out the date ranges so that they won't show and only allow for order numbers to process the batch? If thats possible, can I have it always show a pre-defined set of order numbers, 1000-3000?
  5. *bump* Update to last thread. I can get it to work if I put in order number 1000-3000 and only status processing but doesn't work with the date function. Jaymz
  6. I have been using Batch Print Center 1.1 for about 6 months without a hitch, and all of a sudden I get this, Program Message: There were no orders selected for export, try changing your order options. I have plenty of orders waiting with the status of processing but.. So, I went ahead and upgraded to BPC 3.1 and the same thing. I did install one contribution prior to this problem, Admin Send Password V1.1 , but there was only one core file change, customers.php. So, I uninstalled that and still the same thing.. Can someone help me? btw, super props to the author of this fine contribution, prior to it not working it saved us so much time, hence why we are freakinout :)
  7. altDev

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    Still no answer to multiple of the same products showing? Also, any ideas on showing attributes? This mod is great but I cant go public until It only shows 1 of each item. I have 150 + products and times 3 = way too long to download :) Thanks again for a great cont.
  8. altDev

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    When I batch my orders, I send them to my retail store for my employee to start pulling orders, and when she charges their credit card it asks for the security code (CVV) and she then has to go on to the web to get them, just an extra step for her. This would make it easier for her if it was with the CC#, exp date. I can get "CVV#" to print on the batch report but it doesn't call out to get the CVV# from the order..
  9. altDev

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    CVV is the little 3 or 4 digit code on the back of credit cards. Here is the contribution, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...search,cvv+1.24 , which is now sometimes being required. Its a good security benifit if someone trys using a CC number that stolen, and they dont have the card.. Jaymz
  10. altDev

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    I have added the CVV mod to my cart and would like to see the CVV in this contribution, any done this or know how it can be done? Thanx! Jaymz
  11. altDev

    DHL and Airborne...different?

    Ya, thats the one, the contribution working fine but give the following error; "The following errors have occured: 1. This account can not be used for rate estimates." After speaking to the DHL/Airborne rep, who happens to be my brother-in-law, he pulled some strings to help me out and the answer I got didn't seem to get me anywhere, hence I am posting to get help. And of course the "ONE" guy who can help at DHL is new and is overloaded with work, I have the Airborne techs helping and they are not familier with OSC, and seem to be out of touch with DHL... man this gets confusing. Have you heard of the error above, maybe a simple fix on my end? Thanks. James Scheller altDev
  12. I have had months of problems with getting my clients DHL XML API rates in OSC. I have been back and forth with DHL but found out this morning I cannot use this contribution because my client is a Airborne customer and not DHL, I know what you are thinking, they are the same, but not so accourding to Airborne, My client was a Airborne customer before DHL bought them out and the two companies have not merged their client lists. My client is getting different rates than DHL, so this contribution wont work for her. I was sent a "External Linkage" info packet using www.wwexship.com, being told this is my solution, but it is for xml based shopping carts, has anybody had this problem? and more importantly has anybody solved it. Thanks a ton in advanced. James Scheller altDev
  13. altDev

    DHL Debug mode

    I know this, but they won't get me any further untill they get the XML output. I am really getting tired of DHL not being very helpful, but maybe someone here can help. Would someone be kind enough to send me their DHL mod files , so I can be sure its not on my end. I have deleted all my files on my end and reinstalled them multiple time with same results. HELP! -James
  14. altDev

    DHL Debug mode

    **UPDATE** Ok, I finally got the desired XML output but doesn't have the information DHL needs to test on there side, here is what I got; <?xml version="1.0"?> <eCommerce version="1.1" action="Response" timestamp="2004/12/20T14:39:31" transmission_reference="C05481DD"><Requestor><ID>******</ID><Password><![CDATA[********]]></Password></Requestor></eCommerce> (user/pass hidden) and this is what it should look like; "<?xml version="1.0"?> <eCommerce version="1.1" action="Response" timestamp="2004/12/16T14:32:14" transmission_reference="4F12G173"><Requestor><ID>PinRileTest</ID><Password><![CDATA[********]]></Password></Requestor><Shipment version="1.0" test="True" action="GenerateLabel"><Result><Code>103</Code><Desc>Shipment generated, label not requested.</Desc></Result><ShippingCredentials><ShippingKey>56233F2B2C4B5747423C56585152304G8249564A4437625F6457</ShippingKey><AccountNbr>325236440</AccountNbr></ShippingCredentials><ShipmentDetail><DateGenerated>2004-12-16</DateGenerated><AirbillNbr>24220927150</AirbillNbr><ShipmentMode>T</ShipmentMode><ShipDate>2004-12-16</ShipDate><Origin><Station>EFD</Station></Origin><RouteCode>EFDX 8N WSH</RouteCode><Service><Desc>Second Day</Desc><Code>S</Code><Day>MON</Day></Service><ServiceLevelCommitment><Desc>2nd business day by 5 PM</Desc></ServiceLevelCommitment><RateEstimate><TotalChargeEstimate> 0.00 </TotalChargeEstimate><Charges><Charge><Type><Code>F</Code><Desc>Freight Charges</Desc></Type><Value> 0.00 </Value></Charge><Charge><Type><Code>O</Code><Desc>Other Charges</Desc></Type><Value> 0.00 </Value></Charge></Charges></RateEstimate><LabelCharacter>B</LabelCharacter></ShipmentDetail></Shipment></eCommerce>" Does this look something that someone has come accross, or can someone send me their .php files, incase mine are missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -James
  15. altDev

    DHL Debug mode

    I did that also with same results. I have checked everything and still nothing. If I tell it to debug on screen, it works but doesn't show all the XML just the username passord and such. Any suggestions? -James