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  1. Ok, i have downloaded Beyond Compare becuase i have heard so many of you recommend it. I just wanted to make sure i use it correctly. When I open checkout_confirmation.php (as it applies to this contribution) i see all the pink lines on the right that are not on the left. Do I just add them to the left, save the file and then up load it again? It seems pretty basic, but one thing i have learned from this oscomm stuff is if it seems easy i am doing it wrong! :blush: :P As a matter of interest.... I just want to add in a coupon code - no discount vouchers or gift vouchers or anything fancy... just something that they can put in code COUP1 (for example) and it will take 10% off their total... Do i have to download and install all of these mods (as stated above)? 1. 26 Jun 2004 - ccgv 510c 2. 11 Jul 2004 - Credit Class & Gift Voucher 3. 4 Sep 2004 - CCGV bug fix 4. 18 Nov 2004 - Class creates a TAX problem Just the first mod has over 99 files to edit or add. That seems so excessive! :blink: I really wish someone would clean up that mod it is a real mess! :0) Thanks for any replies Angi