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    For almost two years now I've been trying to get a contribution that will work for something that I need but It looks like it has not been created yet. I did find many posts from people who are needing the same think but nobody seems to have it implemente it yet. This is what I need: 1) Is it possible to give our puchasing customers the option to make a donation and set their own amount? 2) Is it possible to give our customers the option to donate when they get to checkout? Is there code available that we can add to the checkout page that allows customers to enter their own amount for a donation? A line that simply says, 'Would you like to make a donation?', and then gives them the option to key in what they want to donate. I am not a developer and I do not know how dificult can be to write a constribution like this, what I do know is that there would be a lot of happy people. CAN someone PLEASE create a constribution like that will do what I need?
  2. pabloset


    Hello, On my store we offer shipping set up on a "Price Table" for example if the buy $5.00 to $20.00 shipping is 3.00, $20.01 to $40.00 shipping is 4.00 $100.00 or more shipping is 7% Now we are offering INTERNATIONAL Shipping (to any country) and for that we would like to offer shipping in the following manner: Orders outside US under $30.00 is 50% shipping More than $30.00 is 30% I look all over the forums and I also tried some constributions that did not work. Is there a way someone could help me or tell me of a way I could accomplish this?? Most of the constribution they are for shipping based on weight which I do not use. Thanks a lot any help would be greatly appreciated. P
  3. pabloset


    Im trying to set up international shipping on my store. So far I am using the table rate (price) for domestic shipping. Can someone please help me on how to set up international shipping based on price? I also red you can set up zones, I have no Idea on how to do it. My store shipps worldwide. Any help would be much appreciatted. Thanks Pab.S
  4. pabloset

    Tax and Autorize.net

    Mateo, I am trying to set up my shipping method. This is the way i want to set it up. Up to $20 charge 3.00 on more than $100.00 add a 7% Any idea on how to add the percentage.??? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Pablo