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  1. That did it! I can't believe it was that simple!!! Does anyone have instructions to upgrade from 5.10 to 5.11? I'd start of a vanilla install of OSC, but I have quite a bit of modification in my store. Would BeyoneCompare probably be my best bet?
  2. I have a version of this contib installed. 1) How can I tell which version I have? I may need an upgrade. 2) When I try to send a $10 gift voucher, the amount received by the customer is $0.00. The amount in the gv Queue is $0.00 3) my 15% off $20 or more coupon shows in gv queue every time it is sent. Why? 4) Is it possible to stack coupons? Thanks!
  3. hendrickx

    % off categories

    I had this same issue. Change your order total module. Set it like this: Name/sortorder Subtotal/1 Discount coupons/2 Gift Vouchers/3 Shipping/4 Tax/800 Total/900 You may want to work low order fee in to there somewhere if you use it. Another thing to be cautious of is some states require you to allow gift vouchers to be used to pay tax, or you may want the custoemr to be able to use it for shipping. If that's the case, gift voucher should have a sort order number HIGHER that any item you want it to apply to. Hope this solves it for you!
  4. hendrickx

    authorize.net gateway without cancel fees?

    I simply asked my processor (capital merchant solutions) if this fee could be waived if my business failed. They sent me an addendum to the contract and I now have that clause in my contract. If your processsor won't work with you, find another.