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  1. Hi People. I had the paypal Direct Payment Module installed for me. I am getting the error below, and i cannot find anyone to help me fix it. Everytime i click on the Paypal icon, it takes me back to the same place. I spoke to Paypal, and this is what they said. "we determined the 10436 error is caused by the SetExpressCheckout API call passing an incorrect value for your custom payment page." My store is live, so if you have the know how please help. Thanks
  2. scorpio33


    I can complete a transaction. I also get e-mail from Authorize.net confirming the transaction. I just don't see the name of the item that the customer purchased in OS. On the Authorize.net payment form there is also no item description.
  3. scorpio33


    I guess no one can help me to figure out why my orders made via authorize.net are not being logged in OS?
  4. scorpio33


    I am using SIM.
  5. scorpio33


    The install was done for me. I will have to find out the ver. of A.Net that was used. However below is a copy of how my Response/Receipt URLs are set up. I am not sure if that is what you are asking for. The install is called: Authorize.net Secured Credit Card Processing Sorry for being a novice to this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Payment Gateway verifies the URL specified in the post string against the URLs in this list. If the URL provided does not match one of the values on this list, the transaction will be rejected. If no URL is provided, the Default URL value will be used. URL Add URL (Click Edit to define a default URL value.) Default Receipt URL Edit (Click Edit to define a default URL value.) Default Relay Response URL Edit
  6. scorpio33


    The transaction goes to Authorize.net, the payment goes through and I and the buyer get an email receipt, however, the order does not record on OS Commerce. I am also not getting any e-mail from the store saying that an order was placed. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  7. scorpio33


    Anyone know where i can download the original Authorize.net files that came with the Oscommerce store. Thanks
  8. scorpio33

    Authorize.net SIM Install

    Will someone please tell me which is the best contribution to install for the Authorize.net SIM method. Thanks
  9. scorpio33

    Easy Populate

    Help, I Downloaded the Froogle tab-delimited .txt file, but the product url has a / instead of a = in it. This is preventing the product page from being shown. How do I get rid of the forward slash? Easy populate downloaded this. http://www.gamesrealcheap.com/catalog/prod...products_id/731 I should have this. http://www.gamesrealcheap.com/catalog/prod...products_id=731 Any help Appreciated. Thanks
  10. scorpio33

    Gift Certificate

    I need an expert to install the Gift Certificate Contribution on my website. Please PM me and let me know how much it will cost me. I installed all my other contributions, but i don't think that i can handle this one. Thanks
  11. scorpio33

    Suggestion Box

    Hi, Anyone know of a contribution that would allow me to place a a Suggestion Box on my store? I looked in the contribution section but i could not find one. Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  12. Anyone know of a contribution which would allow items to scroll in the specials box? I found one contribution but that did not work for me. Thanks
  13. scorpio33


    No reply? Guess this means that no one knows the answer to this one. :(
  14. I installed WYSIWYG ver.1.7 contribution. The box_Customer_Mail works great. However when i click on the Box_Customer_Newsletter, i get a page cannot be found error. Can someone please tell me how to correct this. Thanks
  15. scorpio33

    WYSIWYG HTMLArea MS2 v1.7

    Can you post a copy of your Categories.php so that i can compare yours to mine? i tried your suggestions but i can't get rid of the garbage.