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  1. Option 1 do not install the bookmarks that you don't use.. Option 2 install a content module for product info page
  2. I used this one en translate the missing things, there is no version for the 2.3.4 BS
  3. hoi had jij mij van de week geholpen op het forum.


    zo ja, klopt het dat het nu ineens .com is


    en dat mijn topic ook pleite is , bedankt.


  4. Just did Shop-main >>> table_heading_definition_key >> main.txt What a job :) everything went well and saw no errors For those who can use it main.txt and index.txt (includes/languages/dutch/) translation text_display_number_of_products and reviews is confusing and should be better main.txt index.txt
  5. Pff my bad with copy/paste from Github in define_language.php. I'm going to continue testing
  6. Testing with define_language file, trying to make files in ducth language, first made directory dutch on shopside and adminside, then inserted new language in admin and translate, when I save then I see this only as output, and rest of page is blank Skip to content Personal Open source Business Explore Sign upSign inPricingBlogSupport This repository Search Watch 2 Star 0 Fork 229 Gergely/oscommerce2 forked from osCommerce/oscommerce2 Code Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Pulse Graphs Tree: 359eaf90fe Find file Copy pathoscommerce2/catalog/admin/define_language.php 359eaf9 2 hours ago @[member=Gergely] Gergely Add search field and icon translations 5 contributors @haraldpdl @markkevans @[member=Gergely] @osc2nuke @[member=acidvertigo] RawBlameHistory 348 lines (283 sloc) 16.9 KB then back button browser page refresh and i see the translation, on server is the file define_language.txt with good translation in dutch
  7. Fiber

    Dutch Language Incl Admin

    Hoi HansM dat zijn logische fouten en/of errors, zal je nog wel meer krijgen dan idd kopieëren en plaatsen in de betreffende directory van dutch en vertalen. Voordat ik een addon installeer kopieër ik de engelse taalfile's, vertaal ik ze en dan de addon installeren, ben je gelijk klaar :)
  8. Fiber

    Store Mode BS

    Confirmed all good now.. thnx!
  9. Fiber

    Store Mode BS

    In test modes example account-test then i see the admin message ofcourse in admin, but also on the catalog side, and not what the customers should see screen http://i.imgur.com/kTmBgUD.png
  10. Fiber

    Store Mode BS

    @@raiwa Thnx for the update Only after the update I see the output of the message in the admin on the shop side :-) instead of the define's from the language files.
  11. Fiber

    Store Mode BS

    thnx solved now :) Another question see screen should not be there the configuration of the module? example, he is now online so that the txt shoud say online?
  12. Question how can I make the slider multilanguage? I have two languages Dutch and English if the client puts the shop on English that he will see a English slider?
  13. Fiber

    Store Mode BS

    Correction of the above After making modules inactive and remove in admin and reinstall again all was well, but a question. in modules/content see the screenshot, the module is installed and active Great addon thnx
  14. Fiber

    Store Mode BS

    Testing with Store Mode Closed Maintenance BS 1.0 beta3.zip have already installed you're first version, did not have the time to comment and before installing beta3 removed the module's en installed beta3, after testing and add in maintance de language dutch all was good en working. Now after clicking on a product I'am getting this error Not Found The requested URL /xxx/xxx.html was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Checking .htaccess and is empty, putting back the master htaccess made previously from version 1, and links are working but the module is not working any more.