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  1. carbinworld

    Order IP Recorder v1.0

    Hey 2-b-fit, mine works perfectly now that I made that change in /admin/includes/classes/orders.php that I too initially missed. I have a couple contributions installed that make minor changes to my code versus the instructions, but if you email me (I think I have a visible email in this forum, if not I'll edit), I'll send you files so you can see my edits. hth Steve Carbin
  2. carbinworld

    Order IP Recorder v1.0

    how do i check whether or not my sql query ran correctly? ... code changes follow instructions ... tia
  3. carbinworld

    Order IP Recorder v1.0

    I just tried creating a new order, same result as listed above ... no IP info
  4. carbinworld

    ORDER IP Recorder

    ok, I removed the "ipaddy, ipisp " from /admin/includes/classes/order.php & no more sql errors, but ip info is missing from admin side.
  5. carbinworld

    ORDER IP Recorder

    I'm sure I'm being dense, but could you be specific about what exact changes to undo? tia, steve
  6. carbinworld

    ORDER IP Recorder

    I installed the latest version, double-checked all my edits, but in admin, all attempts lead to this message: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near ' ipaddy, ipisp orders where orders_id = '15'' at line 1 select customers_name, customers_company, customers_street_address, customers_suburb, customers_city, customers_postcode, customers_state, customers_country, customers_telephone, customers_email_address, customers_address_format_id, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_street_address, delivery_suburb, delivery_city, delivery_postcode, delivery_state, delivery_country, delivery_address_format_id, billing_name, billing_company, billing_street_address, billing_suburb, billing_city, billing_postcode, billing_state, billing_country, billing_address_format_id, payment_method, cc_type, cc_owner, cc_number, cc_expires, currency, currency_value, date_purchased, orders_status, last_modified from, ipaddy, ipisp orders where orders_id = '15' [TEP STOP] here is the snippet from my /admin/orders.php: $order_updated = false; $check_status_query = tep_db_query("select customers_name, customers_email_address, orders_status, date_purchased from, ipaddy, ipisp " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$oID . "'"); $check_status = tep_db_fetch_array($check_status_query); .... please help, i'd really like to get this to work.
  7. carbinworld

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    When I browse to edit_orders.php, i see this msg. : 1146 - Table 'osCommerce.orders_ship_methods' doesn't exist select ship_method from orders_ship_methods [TEP STOP] so, did one of my other installed contributions change something that breaks this?
  8. carbinworld

    SEO Assistant

    Sorry for my unusual posting stlye, can't find the "edit" button for my posts ;) ... You guys are a class act! This wourks brilliantly! Set allow_url_fopen = On per Jack_mcs, and I'm smilin', thanks Steve
  9. carbinworld

    SEO Assistant

    //**** Update, same day, just more coffee... Logged into admin, went into Administrator/File Access , and saved/stored the appropriate files, works fine, except: Unable to open remote file http://www.google.com/search?as_q=asante&n...=images&start=0. Unable to open remote file http://search.yahoo.com/search?_adv_prop=w...&fl=0&n=100&b=1. //**** then when i try page rank, i get the message (in pink banner): Failed to read url: www.carbinworld.com any ideas? *****/
  10. carbinworld

    SEO Assistant

    I installed SEO_Assitant_V1.2, followed the instructions, only change was i changed "mysite.com" with carbinworld.com in the sql file, when i try to access the seo page from within tools, i just get this message(below) .... i will add that the login for phpmyadmin on my server uses a different username than that for the username on database "osCommerce" ... could that be the issue? Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem.
  11. carbinworld

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Help! I installed IPN v 2.9, install went fine, file edits and uploads went fine ... now when i get to Step 4 (create new order status), when i log into admin, when i select localization, the module won't load, no error msg shown, but can't do anything, middle of the screen is blank. Steve