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  1. cinolas

    QTPro BS

    Even if I just set "Display table with stock information" it doesn't display the table.
  2. cinolas

    QTPro BS

    I mean I have all these settings set to correctly, but it's not happening the way it should. The settings are ignored.
  3. cinolas

    QTPro BS

    Thanks @raiwa, though all I'm seeing in your post is this: Show Out of Stock Attributes: Prevent Adding Out of Stock to Cart: Display Out of Stock Message Line:
  4. cinolas

    QTPro BS

    I'm having a problem with QTPro (on osC 2.34 BS Gold) where the attributes show in the drop down even though there is no stock. In fact, none of the options in Configuration > Prod Info (QTPro) seem to have an effect. Is this a known symptom for something? Anyone even seen that? Where should I dig to find the problem? Once in the cart it does show out of stock, and prevents checkout, but it's annoying for our customers to get this far only to find out there's no stock. Everything else seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. Any clues are greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Can anyone recommend a good way to disable my Confirm Order button after the first click? I'm no entirely sure how to integrate the various JQuery or JS methods I'm finding into the checkout_confirmation.php page. Cheers!
  6. It's actually the "Confirm Order" button I'm talking about not "Continue". Anyone?
  7. Is there seriously nothing to do to extend the life of the session in 2.34 BS Gold? I'm surprised this isn't an issue with more people.
  8. Hi, So I've been getting duplicate orders because the customers are able to double click on the Continue button of the Confirmation page during checkout. I've read about this happening in all versions of osC, and found many solutions for pre BS versions. I'm sure some of those are still valid with 2.34 BS but I also read that the various solution may be incompatible with some browsers, causing the Continue button not to work at all for some. So my question is, what is the best, slickest, most compatible way to prevent double clicking of Continue button of the order confirmation page? Disabling the button, adding a spinner, adding an overlay. That's all fine as long as it's very compatible and looks good. Whatchyou got?
  9. Well you got me to double check... I was sure I had installed a contrib that prevented the button from being clicked twice, but evidently that was in my previous install. A plain install of osC 2.34 BS Gold still allows the customer to click the Continue button twice on the confirm page, and that creates two orders... Now to find that contrib again... Thanks!
  10. I have searched the forums extensively. My sessions.php is not like what they speak of in any of the old threads, there is no $SESS_LIFE
  11. Actually I take that back. PayPal prevents a duplicate payment from being taken, but Moneris doesn't have any such protection and actually took the payment twice for every duplcaite orders we got.
  12. I'm on osC 2.34 BS Gold and I'm getting occasional duplicate orders. The orders are identical but each has its own unique order #. I use the PayPal App and Moneris (cc processing) as payment modules and they both seem to be susceptible to this. The payment is only ever taken once. How can I troubleshoot this? Has anyone experienced something like this? Cheers!
  13. Hi gang, I hope everyone is staying safe and sane in these weird times. I run osC 2.34 BS Gold and I have recently moved to a new web host. Since moving to the new host the admin side of osCommerce keeps logging me out. It's very important that I stay logged in to the admin control panel from one specific computer, is there a way to force that? or make the session last a very long time? I figure it probably has to do with the new version of php on my new host, or the way it's setup to set cookies. (I know nothing about cookies, hoping it doesn't require some cookie monster skills) Any tips would be greatly appreciated THANKS!
  14. I'm not even sure why this text is being sent to PayPal, the payment page on PayPal shows the chosen shipping method only, not all available. I'm weary of changing code in the PayPal App module since I understand so very little of it. Could you recommend a change? I fully understand that the bug is actually at PayPal. But us store owners who need to accept PayPal payments are at their mercy. The "bug" on the PayPal App would be the unhandled exception: ie catching the problem on osCommerce, before it gets to PayPal (if that's even possible). Or perhaps at least emergency-truncating the text at 256 chars so it doesn't cause the payment process to fail for the end user. This problem could creep up on many stores without them even having to change anything, if the courier company changes their service names and adds too many characters for example. PayPal didn't sound like they were planning on expanding their character limit... Cheers!