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  1. Hey, you can make this one works just fine. Also - I have to revise part of my opinion about TM - 2 days ago, I went to their support, because I could not figure out how to get a new flash header going, since the one that came with the template was aweful. At first, I was told, oh well you have to pay for customization [$99.00] - that's when I blew my top and told them that $140 was plenty for an outdated code template, and I will report them to the BB for false advertising. The tune changed immediately, got referred to their tech support team, filled out my info - and oh - wonder, within ca 4 hours I already had a tech support guy answer my ticket, declaring they will do whatever it takes to fix it. Which they did in conjunction what I had already done before. Looks pretty good right, just need to get the image popup to change to pretty photo or lightbox. Take a look, I did some css modifications also, shifted a few things around, with no problem. http://mng4green.com/shop/ Looking at your template, you are right, its not very complicated. You should be just fine keeping it, and make your modifications. Good luck with it. If you run into serious trouble with it, just post here, am glad to help you a bit.
  2. yep - that's right. I too had forced over 140 bucks for a nice looking template - but that's all I have - a nice look with horrible functions. I can't insert the flash I wanted to replace because of the crappy code. Refund - forget it - there is non ever. Most templates that are available for osc are just plain ugly - so, yes, one tries to get something better. It doesn't matter where you look - even if you see the template somewhere else - it's just an affiliate of monster. Boy, little did they know when they started that their chosen name will truly turn out to be a MONSTER.
  3. That is the reason they do not allow PayPal to purchase their templates - creditcard or PP - they would be already out of business because of thousands of refunds they'd have to give. Yep, nice looking templates [like from 'mercury' designer] but useless.
  4. activebiz

    Templates, all the same?

    No offense intended - but Algozone - although around a very long time, and I had purchased templates from them before - but for oscommerce - all their templates look like dinosaurs, outdated, generic etc. Is it not the purpose for a store also to impress the visitor/potential buyer as well as have a template that visually keeps pace with a more trendy design? I am well aware that TM has sloppy code - but Id' rather buy from one of those site, have a good coder go over it and clean the code - but then have a template that looks like 2011 versus 1998. In the end the cost may be 30 or 40 dollars more than the more expensive Algozone ones - but sure look a heck of a lot better and pleasing to the eye. This just my personal experience with osc templates. In any case, every template will need some modification if you want it to match well will your site.
  5. :blink: We use os and authorize,net since a while - everything works fine in our cart. We now need to add "Membership paid subscriptions" that are NOT related to any items in the cart = we connected our exisitng art gallery exhibition and feed the items thorugh easypopulate to the shop. All this works fine. I know that we will be using re-occuring billing through Authorize.net - but I need to know how I can setup a page in os that connects to the gateway for the initial FIRST payment. The best thing would be to have a separate page just for such signups = how and what do I need to place on that page? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks michele
  6. activebiz

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi, I have installed the contribution for multiple stores; http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ns,1730/page,21 no problem with installation - but now I am stuck: how does it work to "show" the let's say second store? I have a large "default store" that shows of course on the front page - but I don't know where to create what for the second store to show. I created a category in the second store - but how do I get products/images in to it - all there is right now is to manually add a single item, one by one. I use easy populate for the main store - but it only perteains to the main store. I tried to show one existing category from the default store in the 2nd store - but absolutely nothing shows up on the front page. So - I assume the 2nd store has to have it's own directory - and if so, what all does have to be in that directory for store 2 to function identical as default store functions? Greatly appreciate any help. There is zero documentation for this and no sample url either where I could look at.