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  1. I missed this post. I see the download now!! Thanks, i used it and all is well. Tim
  2. Where in the file should this be added? Tim
  3. Same issue here, but I could not make it work. I used a copy of column_left from and still have the issue with the menus being called instead of images. Tim
  4. knifeman

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi Robert, I have been using this mod for awhile and now for pci compliance I need to update to php 4. The mod specifically states PHP 5.2/5.3 ( PHP 4 will NOT work ) My host attempted upgrade to php4 and told me this: It seems there is some incompatibilities between the php version 5.4 and php sqlite module and seems your code is using the same. So we are getting a 500 Internal Server Error while accessing your site My question is can I use MySQL for the cache and run on php4 or are there other incompatibilities? Tim
  5. Thanks. It is working with the code pasted in the other file. I always hate to leave something with a 'workaround'. Just a little idiosyncrasy of mine. Thanks for the add on! Tim
  6. Jim, I had to do this as well. If i do not copy that code into the second file, I get this error in admin if i try to edit the module: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_pull_down_icon() in /home/domain/public_html/catalog/admin/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 1 Once I add code to the catalog side, all works well. I have this issue on a live site in the root and my test site in a subfolder. Tim
  7. knifeman

    Header Tags SEO

    I found that page as well in my searching, but it made mine worse. And as Jack mentioned a couple posts ago, it is no longer needed. I eventually got rewrite to work in USU5, by resetting the cache. Then as mentioned in several places, both mods now work on the same shop. For me it is all good as I had chemos rewrite add on from years ago so my new store will have the exact same urls as the current store. thanks to both contributors, Tim
  8. knifeman

    Header Tags SEO

    No offense meant by my terminology. All I know about oscommerce and the add ons is what I read on the forums. I have learned a lot, but still taking small steps in some areas. I opted to install USU5 due to its simpler install. I stayed with header tags because I am familiar with that one and have installed it many times. My sincere thanks to both contributors as I have installed several add ons from both Jack and Robert. I have also had both members answer my help requests on this forum. Tim
  9. knifeman

    Header Tags SEO

    The support threads are quite long and tedious to find answers. In between work, and developement, I am looking. I wish I had known they did not play well together before I installed both. What I did read was to set the url mod to rewrite instead of standard. I am hoping that will work, but won't know for sure until I move the development site to the root. If I set it to rewrite now, the links go to my live store that is in the root. Tim
  10. knifeman

    Header Tags SEO

    Just a quick follow up. Turning off the url mod allowed header tags to work correctly. All my previous issues went away. Tim
  11. knifeman

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks, I thought about that add on might have an on/off switch last night while fretting about the problem. I will turn it off and see what i can do then. Thanks again, Tim
  12. knifeman

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I am working on new 2.3.1 store and have the header tags implemented. I have run into several issues getting them to work. ie: the text at the bottom of a product page will only show the product name if the default title tag is left blank in page control. I cannot get any titles to show up on product listing pages. Words go into the Db, but not on the web page. So after some reading, I found out the Seo urls 5 is a problem when installed with header tags. Then I read the the other add on should be set to rewrite method so it will play nice with yours. Ugh, my test setup is in a subdirectory of my live store so i can use the ssl. if I use rewrite, all my links go to my live store. Can you confirm that my issues, at least the 2 I mentioned, are a result of the 2 add ons incompatability? If so, I could turn rewrite on once the site is ready to go live. Tim
  13. I still get files with 0 bytes named after folders in memory mode. File mode works fine. Tim
  14. knifeman

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Found it. I uploaded the bm_information file to 2 places. I replaced the wrong one with the original. Error fixed, but the only page in my info box is contact us. Hmm, more digging I see...
  15. knifeman

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Anyone seen this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class bm_information in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxxx/includes/modules/boxes/bm_information.php on line 13 I looked at the original file prior to adding this mod and it has the same line. I thought at first mabe there was a conflict with my other add ons, but the original file gives the same error. I will add that I did not add the additional code in index.ph for changing the welcome text. Tim