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  1. kbking

    Header Tags SEO

    WOW!!! I have had your latest Header Tags Seo installed and online for a week now (or even less than that). Now when I type site:my-domain in googles search field 234 results(!!!) shows up, which should be compared with some 30 results I had before this implementation. This is absolutely amazing and if - someone asks me - shows the real blazing power of this script. There are some results I don't understand how google can pick up, but the more the better I say! And I am not even half way in fine tuning it yet. I guess I am at some point here down the road going to ask you Jack to sharpen it up real good, since I am now aware that you know the ins and outs of SEO. For now I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! Regards! kbking
  2. kbking

    Header Tags SEO

    It's a complete mystery. I tested the db tables - repaired and optimized them and they were good. From Admin everything looked OK, but on the front end no, the pages rendered only to the head-tag giving white pages in the web-browser. I couldn't figure what had happened, so I installed HT from scratch and now I have the latest version. I have tested and it seems to work well. I have filled in meta information from Admin to Index.php and product_info.php and all looks fine - and best of all it is working! Still I'm curious about what happened yesterday, but I guess there are no answers to that... A bit alarming though that such a thing can happen!! Anyway it's a must have contribution so a big thank you to the author is apropriate! Regards kbking
  3. Hi I have DOB formatted like so: yyyy/mm/dd. Will that work with FB Connect?
  4. kbking

    Header Tags SEO

    I looked at the headertags db table and it looked like this: produkter frÃ¥n A-Ö', 'HärifrÃ¥n nÃ¥r It should have looked like this instead: produkter från A-Ö', ' Härifrån når
  5. kbking

    Header Tags SEO

    Well the site was live and functioning seconds prior to the update of the HT in the index.php file. So it can't be anything else than the update from Admin that have caused the failure. But how? I remember I put a lot of time and effort in choosing the right sentences and words in order to optimize the SEO, so I am not so keen going all over that again. Maybe I need to export the headertags db table as a reference. I really can't afford disasters like this. I wonder, the easiest way of upgrading to the newest version is to completely remove 3.0.2, would it be to erase all the traces of the HT in the database? BTW I tested with the index.php from the contribution but to no avail.
  6. kbking

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi I installed Header tags quite a while ago, I believe it is 3.0.2 . At the time I configured all the pages that I wanted to have HT. Everything worked, title, description, keywords, etc. There was one page I didn't configure in Admin, since I had it renamed (index.php-imnotreadyyet) for the time being due to the fact that I was not ready to go live with the site. That file was catalog/index.php. Today I remembered, and renamed it to index.php went to Admin, filled in title, description, keywords and hit Save. And guess what, my site is gone. It's as blank as a screen can be, a totally white screen. Do you know what could have caused this? Please guide me, I'd like to know where to look! I took out the Header Tags from the index.php and by doing that the site came to live again. But pages like about_us.php and others not related to index.php where affected as well, and that I don't understand since I was only updating the index.php file. Please explain what to do! PS. Now I looked at the source code, it shows only this in all pages: <!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html dir="LTR" lang="sv"> <head> DS. Regards! kbking
  7. kbking

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Sounds really good, can't wait! :)
  8. Thank you! Now I deleted the attribute 'on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' and as it seems it solved the problem. I will take a closer look sometime tomorrow, for now, I very much thank you for your time and effort!
  9. Hi again I have followed (I hope) the steps outlined in 'Testing if Anti Hacker Login works', and I have put together images from the front end and from phpMyadmin. I guess You can see from the timestamps if I have done anything wrong. I have used the catalog/login.php from Your package (not my own). Also I have clicked only the My Account-button.
  10. Did you clear the cache? I viewed your links and the fb-button appeared no problem, seems as it resolved itself, no?!!
  11. Thanks for answering my questions! Here is the table 'anti_hacker_login' added to the database. And here how it looks like after I have clicked my Login-button.
  12. Thanks for this new approach to increased security! I like this add-on because yet another layer of security can not be wrong. It's just that it works too well. The 'New Customer' and 'Returning Customer' dialogue is disabled forever as it seems. One minute is constantly added to the waiting time, no matter how long I wait. I have also used the login.php that came with the contribution, but the result is the same. The contribution is here. So if someone knows how to tweak it or some good advise, I would appreciate it!
  13. It should have been posted in the thread for FIMBLE:s contribution but I could not find a thread for that contribution. Anyway, I use the two together so I guess the question fits here anyway?!
  14. Hi I can't use fopen with my host. In administrator.php there are eight instances of fopen. One of them is: if (filesize(DIR_FS_ADMIN . '.htaccess') > 0) { $fg = fopen(DIR_FS_ADMIN . '.htaccess', 'rb'); $data = fread($fg, filesize(DIR_FS_ADMIN . '.htaccess')); fclose($fg); My question is how do I convert fopen to curl, which is allowed for me? The Knowledge Base at my host says that this could be of use: <?php $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, "http://exempel.com/filnamn.php"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); ?>