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  1. oldworldcharms

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I have 2 more questions. On my website I do not put my items in the same category as I do in quickbooks. When adding items to the shop will it match only if I have the categories and subcategories match? I sometime have an item in more than one category, what happens when I do this? ok make that 3 questions java script:emoticon(':-"', 'smid_6') smilie At times I will change a category name to try for better placement on the search engines. What happens to matching of items between qb and shop here? thanks
  2. oldworldcharms

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Worked right out of the box! I am trying to get streamline for next year so I installed this contribution. There were no problems that I could tell except the fact that this year I was learning how to use quickbooks and what a learning curve which i still did not conquer. I am considering either upgrading to quickbooks pro or downgrading to simple start. Either way I will start with a entire new quickbooks file which leads to the questions below. Any advise on keeping everything in sync. I would like to keep some sold items on my site, is there a way that code can be written that the iif file does not import data from this year? If I decide on quickbooks simple start will this be compatable? How long do you think I will be able to import iif files as apposed to the new file format xml and will it be hard to update. Thank you Elizabeth
  3. oldworldcharms

    USPS Labels not working

    This contribution has really helped streamline shipping. One more thing besides the one link open double window. Does anyone know how where I can get address stickers to use with with the USPS shipping printout or any ideas. Thanks for your help
  4. oldworldcharms

    New task for order editor

    Can somone add the ability to send a customer invoice with this contribution? For example a customer asks a question about an item and decides to purchase it. I sent an invoice to them with which maybe can be added here. they click on the link in the invoice and add shipping and billing info and pay for the item. Basically we would need is an amount due so when the client creates and account, they can click on a button to pay. possibly using the offsite link into shopping cart contribution which works nicely http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...arch,buy+button Can anyone please help me with this?
  5. oldworldcharms

    New task for order editor

    Hi Ken Did you ever get this to work with margin reports. I am having the same problem. thanks Elizabeth
  6. oldworldcharms

    USPS Labels not working

    Hi John Change the USPS image link open 2 pages at the same time. The top page is the USPS login page and the bottom page is the page with the shipping info. This way I could login, close the window and continue with the shipping. thanks Elizabeth
  7. oldworldcharms

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    Hi Fredrik Good question so I tested it on my site. I added an order via the contribution in the admin, adding the product. there are fields where there is the cost, the shipping and a couple blank fields where you are able to imput anything you want, example any extra charge. I know that part works well. I never tried to add a coupon so I added a coupon code and in the cost column added a -15.00. it did work, I looked in my order history and it showed the coupon and value subtracting the coupon value from the total. hope this helps. Elizabeth I have the margin reports contribution installed. within this contribution is margin_reports2 which shows a report with all the items purchased along with the cost of the item. The problem is if I add an order via the step by step the cost of the item does not cary over to the margin_reports2. are there any fixes for this. Thanks Elizabeth
  8. oldworldcharms

    USPS Labels not working

    John Have you or anyone else able to figure out how to get one link to open into 2 windows. I have two places in my admin that I could really use this function. Thanks for the help and this contribution. Elizabeth
  9. Hi Simon Ok I didnt know that these would remain part of the sales that makes sense but what about the coupons that were not used. I would like the ability to delete those. A good option is if the coupon is not used then the ability to delete and if used a warning / message that the coupon was used and part of the sales report. Can you or someone add code for this. Thanks Elizabeth
  10. oldworldcharms

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    I tried installing the wishlist contribution and all seemed to go well except for the add to wishlist button, it does not work, it does not do anything. does any ideas where I may have gone wrong. thanks Elizabeth
  11. I have a very old version of Credit class. I only use the coupon part of this contribution. I noticed that in the admin/coupon_admin.php that you can view inactive coupons. I tried to delete these coupons but it doesnt work. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks Elizabeth
  12. oldworldcharms

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Can someone tell me where to find the code below. My shop items pages title tags work but I used to have an echo of my shop name after the products name, now I dont. I would like to figure out how get this working again. Thanks $metatitle.=$title .' '.STORE_NAME;
  13. oldworldcharms

    Contribution Issue

    I have this contribution installed but the link target doesnt work. Any ideas how to get this working? <?php echo '<a href="java script:popupImageWindow(\'' . FILENAME_POPUP_IMAGE . '?page=' . $pages['pages_id'] . '\')">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'icon_popup.gif', 'View Page') . '</a> ' . $pages['pages_title']; ?> thanks Elizabeth
  14. oldworldcharms

    USPS Labels not working

    I have the Label Shipping (print shipping and pay for label) working but I cant get the Label customer to work. I keep getting this error. any ideas or can someone post a working file? Error 404: Servlet Not Found: com.usps.shipping.domestic.servlets.ShipmentPrepServlet Thanks Elizabeth
  15. oldworldcharms

    USPS Labels not working

    Wow nice contribution, its going to save me lots of time! One question, right now it its set up to open the differentshipping.php page, to be able to print a shipping label you have to be logged in. To make it a little smooterh is it possible to change the link to open 2 pages at the same time. The top page is the login page and the bottom page is the page with the shipping info. This way I could login, close the window and continue with the shipping. Thank you for taking the time to write this one! Elizabeth