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    Patience is a Virtue
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  1. good to see that one of my old mods is still alive and kicking, Y'all keep UP the good work! Peace OUT ! Druide
  2. Druide

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    you need to find the define for TABLE_PACKAGING define('TABLE_PACKAGING', 'packaging'); the 'packaging' needs to be whatever is used in this contribution i dunno just browsing around since a few months and hope to help out a bit good luck Melissa, i am going to dissapear again for a while......lol
  3. Good to see that one of my 'old' projects is still alive... Thank you 'users' That's all it worked perfect before MS2 and i haven't bothered to look into the code since, i am still waiting on MS3 (like many others) i have lots of new contributions in my queue for MS3 but dont rewrite my code before it's official (stable)
  4. Druide

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    PLEASE UPLOAD THE SCREENSHOTS & contribution seperate :) so people can download/review the new version, just an idea and btw thanks for the notification to me in this contribution much appreciated !!!
  5. Druide

    Recommended Contributions?

    there is no such a thing like a recommended list, it all just depends how you plan to use OSC for your products, and since everyone has different products to sell they have a different taste for contributions. The bad thing is there are lots of people who just dont want to share their own made contributions, thats a pitty but we can live with it....lol We just start to write it ourselfs which will become pretty easy if you keep on adding contributions ;) Just ALWAYS remember to backup all files that has to be changed BEFORE you even start to add a contribution
  6. Druide

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    change it to: insert into customers_info (customers_info_id, customers_info_number_of_logons, customers_info_date_account_created) values ('', '0', now()) good luck Sabrina
  7. Druide

    Setting Up Paypal??

    be smart and install the Paypal IPN contribution. where ? in the contribution area.... ;)
  8. Druide

    Paypal IPN Problem

    use the official thread for questions about paypal IPN
  9. Druide

    PGP email CC info?

    I see you have absolutely no clue how to program in PHP/MySQL. You just WANT to have things done your way without doing something for it. My opinion is you are just one of those 'users' who will never be happy. If you want something specific then go look at those other shopping carts where you have to pay for (BIG BUCK$) and then ask those developers how much it costs to have your wishes translated in code. This is an OPEN SOURCE project, first read/search and learn about a project before you complain about it. This is a GREAT community that is willing to help if an answer is available. My 2 cents... Oh yeah... Patience is a Virtue.... :)
  10. Druide

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    :( sorry my brain was messed up, i was thinking of an option in a different module (Global Quantity Module). If you can do some PHP coding i am sure you can fit it in.... I am VERY sorry, i should do like i normally do , first verify my answer before i hit the Add Reply button.
  11. Druide

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    why dont you turn off the usage of GV in paypal for the moment and send your customers an email about it. Safe is always the best way
  12. Druide

    i dont no why i bother

    First you start by counting to 10 take a deep breath and start over with the documentation, or maybe you ask the wrong questions, try to reformated them that always will help and the best answer is ALWAYS the SEARCH function. You should try it because ALL answers are answered many many many times before you came across this forum. No offence but Patience is STILL a virtue, if you lose your temper on this forum then you'll have a bad name and trust me not many people are then willing to help you anymore. WE remember names here !
  13. Druide

    Paypal IPN admin errors

    good news there is a new version, i dare you !!!! LOL
  14. it has NOTHING todo with PayPal IPN but only your setting in Table Rate !!! wrong question search for table rate
  15. This is a contribution in development, when a customer pays by bank or credit card this 'addon' does NOT funtion properly i noticed 2day because it substracts the stock ONLY when a IPN Pending or Completed is received. DO NOT install on a production site, your stock will not update correctly, sorry for that...