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  1. glassraven

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, I think that the changes I mentioned above should hopefully stop the problems that have been reported by people previously as they eliminate the occurence of the infinite loop in the configuration page :) Maybe worth integrating into the next release of v2 - unless you are releasing v3 under the GPL licence? :) Sadie
  2. glassraven

    Search by Price Infobox

    You could most likely modify it so that it would show the products in that category that are within a certain price band. You'd need to modify the shop_by_price.php file in the includes/boxes folder to pass the category name into the shop_by_price.php page in the catalog folder. You would then edit the sql query to limit it by the category id. Does that help at all? Sadie
  3. glassraven

    2gether Discount

    Hi all, I've been back through this thread and have seen a few people mentioning problems with attributes etc, and a couple with reference to the QT Pro contribution being non compatible. Is this still the case or are the more recent updates now ok with QT Pro? This is installed on the store along with a multitude of other contributions so I thought before I started I'd check what the current status was! Thanks in advance, Sadie
  4. glassraven

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    OK and now I've fixed it! There was an infinite loop: qbi_version file: The first time you land on the qbi_config file it checks if the versions are valid, on mine they were, so it checks its on the right page, which is was, then it redirects to itself with the msg on the end. However it then runs the qbi_version file again before it does anything else! So if we edit the qbi_config file at line 46 to read: Instead of: You eliminate the loop :D Now I've not gone any further than this yet so I may come across something else but at least that page will load now without falling over., Hope this helps someone else :) Sadie
  5. glassraven

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    One thing that I've noticed going through the qbi_config file is that $msg is never actually declared anywhere. The only instance of it is: if ($msg==1) $message=CONFIG_SET_OPT."<br />".CONFIG_SET_OPT2."<br /><br />"; So how can it be 1 if its not been fetched from the url? Having said that its not the cause of the problem as I added in $msg = $_GET['msg']; above it to check and its still giving the same error. ... Sadie
  6. glassraven

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hiya I've just started installing this contribution - I've done all the admin edits and uploaded the files etc. The database installation went without problem - all tables inserted into the database as far as I can tell and I got presented with the prompt to now go to the configuration page: When I clicked on the link I first of all got the error message that someone else reported : But as the store is not using SSL the thing that made this work for them would not fix it for me. It was falling over trying to access this page: admin/qbi_config.php?msg=1 I retried going to /admin/qbi_config.php directly and each time I get thrown back to the /admin/qbi_db.php page with the following message: I click on the link to goto configuration page and get presented with the following page: /admin/qbi_db.php?db_ver=&qbi_vers=2.10 which gives me the message: So I assume it is incorrectly working out the version I am using for some reason - though I checked and its correctly inserted the version '2.10' into the 'qbi_config' table. I've tried deleting all references from the database (qbi tables and the entries in products and orders) and still get exactly the same thing happening... All settings in the configure.php file seem to be fine (certainly the stores been running without problems for the last year or so). File permissions on the folders are set to 775 and 777 as specified in the install instructions - just incase that could be a potential thing for it to stumble over too. If anyone can help at all I'd really appreciate it, seems like people have encountered this kind of thing before so if you could let me know how they got around it I'd be grateful - not found anything in this thread. TIA! Sadie
  7. glassraven

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi all, I'm looking to integrate either this contribution or 'Extra pages-info box w/ admin'. First off does anyone know what the main differences between the 2 are? I've read through both of the forum threads about it and it appears that this is the contribution which was originally intended to work with Ultimate SEO URL's which I also have installed on the store I am looking to integrate with - however from reading latter posts it seems the more recent updates are no longer working. Has a fix already been released or would I need to sort that after integration? Also is it possible to use this contribution and not have the information pages showing in the infobox? ie could I set the parent of one of the items to be 'main' and exclude them from the infobox display? Then I can use those generated pages in another place in the store (eg privacy policy, terms etc which I don't want in the sidebar but would like to be editable via admin still preferably using this contribution to keep things all together). Many thanks in advance if you can let me know answers to any of the above. Sadie
  8. glassraven

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    To fix this error: replace: header ("Content-type: application/csv\nContent-Disposition: \"inline; filename=customers.csv\""); with: header ('Content-type: application/csv'); header ('Content-Disposition: inline; filename="customers.csv"'); :) Sadie
  9. glassraven

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Thanks - I assumed that that would be the case, will have to see if I can sort a hack for it. With the 'email to a friend' link I wasn't sure if that should have been the functionality intended. Mind you - it doesnt seem to reduce the wishlist even if the person buys it themselves (using firefox not tested that using IE yet). Is there a setting somewhere I've missed that allows it to do this? :) Sadie
  10. glassraven

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Great contrib, thanks for adding it! One question - if someone is sent the link via email and then buys something off the wishlist is it supposed to update the main wishlist? It doesnt seem to do so (mind you it doesnt seem to remove them if you buy with the account setup either). I assume that the following within the checkout_process.php is supposed to remove the item(s) from the wishlist: // remove items from wishlist if customer purchased them $wishList->clear(); Anyone got any bright ideas as to why they would not remove? Thanks, Sadie
  11. glassraven

    Search by Price Infobox

    Hi there Are you using one currency or multiple currencies? Ditto with languages? I did not encounter this on either the modified store I installed on first or the clean MS2 store I tested the mod on before uploading. Both of these were using single currency & language though. LMK and I'll test with if necessary.
  12. Search By Price Infobox contribution Search by Price Infobox allows the shopper select from a price range in an infobox. Ideal for a gift shop type application. Each language can have different price brackets to allow for currency differentiations. No database modifications required. Version 2.4 allows you to select from a dropdown list format or text list style format. Installation document updated to be easier to follow. Known issue: Items special prices not taken into account so if an items price is usually 24.99 but is reduced to 19.99 it will still apear in the 20-30 bracket not 10-20. I hope to release a bug fix in the next few days. :) Sadie
  13. glassraven

    Nochex Merchant Account module

    I've installed the Nochex APC mistakenly thinking this was for the merchant account but I've just realised its not (duh) so is there already a contribution for the nochex merchant account? Thanks :) Sadie
  14. Hi all, An error appears to have recently started occuring (after installing the IPN) which is that paypal is not taking off the discount so customers are being lossed as they go to paypal to pay and see that the order is back at full price again so do not complete the checkout. I've added in the IPN to other carts and its working perfectly with no problems that I am aware of- is this a known bug and so is there a workaround to it? Or can anyone help me out on this one? I'm a bit stuck! I've checked and its not occurring with the non IPN version! Thanks in advance! :) Sadie
  15. glassraven

    Margin Report v2.10

    did anyone manage to get hold of the installation doc in non PDF format? Its going to take forever if I have to hand type each replacement!!! TIA Sadie