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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam, thanks for writing this great importer/exporter. I've been setting it up for my store and found a couple of little bugs you might like to take a look at. First, I found that in the documentation you refer to creating two folders called qbi_import and qbi_export if I remember correctly, but then I found that the code needs folders called something more like qbi_input and qbi_output so the documentation may need to be modified. Second, I am not using item groups. I'm trying the qbi_orders.iif to get all my current store orders into quickbooks for a fresh new company setup. I first used qbi to get all my items into quickbooks with the appropriate options so that I should not have to set up any matching and just let the item:option method work as default. I found that qbi was creating an export of all the orders but with items and no item option tagged onto them. I followed up on the bug to a line in qbi_functions that appears incorrect related to the default language. In qbi_engine_orders.php you are using a function call to get the language id for the default language and it calls this function: function get_language_id($language_code) { $languages_query = tep_db_query("select languages_id from " . TABLE_LANGUAGES . " where code = '" . (int)$language_code . "'"); while ($languages = tep_db_fetch_array($languages_query)) { $language_id=$languages['languages_id']; } return $language_id; } This appears wrong because you are converting a string language code ("en" in my case) into an integer by casting in the SQL where clause. This is causing the function to return blank as my default language id instead of returning '1' as it should. Once I removed the (int) cast above, the export works fine for me. I didn't know if you use this function elsewhere, so I just made another fixed copy of the function and called that one from qbi_engine_orders.php instead which seems to work for me. Thanks again for this cool importer/expoter. I was modifying some of the older quickbooks iif creators for OsC when I checked back and found you had just created this great comprehensive system. BTW, my name is Jim ... This forum seems to be putting my post under another users name (?)
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    Product Name in URL?

    What assembler mean is instead of having a URL that looks like this http://store.com/product_info.php/products_id/733 he wants it to look like this http://store.com/product_info.php/products_id/Sony_Tv. Where Sony Tv name of the product, it's grabbed and put in the URL based on the page title of every individual product page. That definalty helps higher the googler ranking. I would also be intersted in knowing how this could be done.
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    No category selected

    Hi I've installed the PDF katalog contribution, and am getting the following error when I click on the 'Generate Catalogue' link in admin: ..which I think is saying I haven't selected a category and that I must go and do so. Sorry but I don't get what/where I have to do :'( Hope someone can help Sara
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    Paypal credit card problems

    We are using paypal for our credit card processing. The problem is that when a credit card is used we get the payment from paypal but we don't get any order information in oscommerce. This has happened twice in the past week. Any ideas?
  5. User Name

    How do I get the menu for cc

    Yes, I have the same question! (I want to use manual method to get money from CC in the shop with machine). And I dont know what kind of CC they r using, also theres no Security Code box. Is there any solution?