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  1. Does anybody know if there is a contribution that allows separate inventory viewing per customer/group? I am looking for a way for regular users not to see inventory, but for users in a group to see inventory levels. I would imaging the Separate Pricing per Customer contrib could be modded to have this, but I have little to no PHP experience. Could you let me know if this would be a big project to add something like this? Thanks
  2. Bump Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Could someone let me know if they know what the problem is with the Tax Exempt Contrib. I was getting a [/b] Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\catalog3\create_account.php on line 608 (which there are only 607 lines, 608 is a blank line underneath, but no matter how many line you add, it is always the the last blank line) when installing it on my store, so I tried a fresh of OSC with nothing on it, and copied the contrib files into the appropriate folders, and still got the same error. (actually after fixing this file Parse error: parse error, unexpected ',' in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\catalog3\includes\classes\shopping_cart.php on line 372) Change the line from this: 'attributes' => (isset($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes']) ? $this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'] : '')), to this 'attributes' => (isset($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes']) ? $this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'] : ''), Taking one ) out. But after getting it up and running, I try to create an account, and I get this error [/b] Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\catalog3\create_account.php on line 608 If someone want to try it out, the contrib is located at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...arch,tax+exempt Please let me know if there is another solution for Tax Exempt Thanks
  4. eist1

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, I sent you a message with the souce attached. Let me know if you see anything. Thanks
  5. eist1

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, I am using OSCMax 1.7, It is OSC 2.2, so I don't see why there would be an issue. The Admin portion of OSCMax is stock, so that should not affect the Admin settings. It's just strange why the other columns are correct, but just the productsmatch column is out of line. Let me knopw if you have any ideas. Thanks for the reply.
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, Thanks for responding. To answer your questions, The menus are the same except for the About page which is the right size. It looks like it is due to how much text is below the menu, if it is across the screen, the menu stretches across, if it is short the menu stays short. But it doesn't explain why the products match menu columns are staggered out of order. If you have any ideas for me to look in the qbi_productsmatch.php file please let me know. I have tried it on 2 PC's one is Win 98 with Explorer 6 and the other is Windows 2000 with Explorer 6, and both look exactly the same. Please let me know if there is some thing I can do to get the products match screen corrected. Thanks
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I just installed QBI 2.02 and am having a few problems. When I go into any of the config pages the heading in not going all the way across, and in products, the items are not lining up correctly and if I hit the Match button I get the error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/category/public_html/ecommerce/os/catalog/admin/includes/functions/qbi_functions.php on line 720 But the Heading is then correct... I have not imported anything out of QB yet, so I don't know if that is causing the function error or not. Please let me know if you know what is wrong Thanks
  8. I'm having a problem with the Gift Voucher email link. When clicking it, it tries to goto the webpage but just hangs, and eventually timesout. The Gift Voucher is worth $50.00 To redeem this Gift Voucher, please click on the link below. Please also write down the redemption code which is zz00da in case you have any problems. https://host246.ipowerweb.com/~xxxxxxxx/eco...hp/gv_no,zz00da or visit https://host246.ipowerweb.com/~xxxxxxxx/eco...rce/os/catalog/ and enter the code during the checkout process I have replaced the gv_redeem.php file, but still getting nowhere
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    Separate Pricing per Customer

    I am having the exact same problem with The Separate Pricing Per Customer Contribution 1062 - Duplicate entry '1' for key 1 insert into products_groups (products_id, products_price, customers_group_id, customers_group_price) values ('29', '130.0000', '1', '150.00') Whem I put in any prive in the VIP or Wholesale I get the error. Any help would be appeciated.