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  1. loveacrossborders

    [support]?MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module

    Hi dreamscape, I wonder if you know of a solution to our problem at the bottom of page three. Cheers!
  2. loveacrossborders

    [support]?MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module

    Oh boy, We've run into a major snag using MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module. First, I will admit that it's completely our fault :(. We spent WEEKS compiling all of the shipping information that we needed to build shipping rates for every country. See, we're planning to ship from Thailand, where we live, and the rates vary greatly from country to country. Here is an example table: 10:.65,50:.65,75:.88,100:1.11,125:1.34,150:1.57,175:1.8,200:2.03,225:2.26,250:2.49,275:2.72,300:2.95,325:3.18,350:3.41,375:3.64,400:3.87,425:4.1,450:4.33,475:4.56,500:4.79,525:5.02,550:5.25,575:5.48,600:5.78,625:5.94,650:6.17,675:6.4,700:6.63,725:6.86,750:7.19,775:7.42,800:7.65,825:7.78,850:8.01,875:8.24,900:8.47,925:8.7,950:8.93,975:9.33,1000:9.39,1025:9.62,1050:10.00,1100:10.46,1125:10.70,1150:10.94,1175:11.17,1200:11.40,1225:11.63,1250:11.86,1275:12.09,1300:475,1325:12.32,1350:12.55,1375:13.04,1400:13.28,1425:13.51,1450:13.74,1475:13.97,1500:14.2,1525:14.43,1550:14.66,1575:14.89,1600:15.12,1625:15.35,1650:15.58,1675:15.81,1700:16.04,1725:16.27,1750:16.5,1775:16.73,1800:16.96,1825:17.19,1850:17.42,1875:17.65,1900:17.95,1925:18.18,1950:18.41,1975:18.90,2000:19.20,2001:24.5,3001:27.7,4001:31.4,5000:31.4 Now, what I didn't realize is that we'd be limited in how long the shipping table can be. So, if I enter the table above into MTMZ, it gets cut off at around 775:7.42 :(. I'm hoping (praying even) that there's some way, some option to extend the length of the table. We've worked so hard to give up now :(. I'm still learning my way around MySQl and php, but I'm getting pretty familiar with things. How could I alter the length of how long the MTMZ tables are allowed to be? Is there something that I can change in the MySQL database or in MTMZ.php? Shaun and Nat shaunapple@gmail.com AIM - applesbliss YIM - loveacrossborders
  3. *sigh* I too wish there was a solution to not having the category name appear more than once when the CSS Category Menu is expanded :(. I've been trying to hack at it for days, but I haven't been able to successfully get it to work properly with my limited programming skills.
  4. loveacrossborders

    Any "additional images" contribution that works...

    I found a solution to my problem :). Though it wasn't originally what I had in mind, it's perfect for my needs. For anyone else having the same problem with finding an "additional images" contribution that works with On The Fly Autothumbnailer, might I suggest that you check out: Options As Images 1.2 - which lets you add images for attributes. This way, I can add as many images as I like. It's just that it's listed as an attribute on the product_info page.
  5. loveacrossborders

    "invalid amount" from moneybooker

    *bump* I'm need to add a module for moneybooker. Did anyone find a solution to the "invalid amount" issue?
  6. loveacrossborders

    On The Fly Watermark Enhanced 1.1

    Sorry, "/shop" was just an example for this post. I used the correct full path in the .hta file /homepages/37/shop, etc... but it still doesn't work :( .
  7. Hi Folks, Over the last few weeks I've tried installing two different contributions that allow you to have "additional images". I had read somewhere that the UltraPics contribution doesn't work with On The Fly Autothumbnailer (GD). Thus, I decided on installing MorePics and then Additional Images. However, both of these failed to work. I'll go out on a limb and assume that it's because I already have On The Fly Autothumbnailer (GD) installed. Does anyone have both On The Fly Autothumbnailer and another contibution installed that allows for additional images? Initially, I wanted a contribution that allowed for "unlimited" additional images. But now I'd be happy just to be able to add one, two, or three. Any suggestions :( ?
  8. loveacrossborders

    On The Fly Watermark Enhanced 1.1

    I'd like so much to get this contribution to work :). So... I followed all of the instructions in the Read Me file. I've been working with OSC everyday for two months now, so I'm starting to get the hang of it. If this is my shop: /shop then I put the uploaded files in: /shop/watermark I then add the full path in water.htacess to image.php , upload it my images directory (/shop/images), and change the filename to .htaccess But, when I look at my shop all of the images under product_listing have no watermark. And when I click to view the larger version (popup), it's just a red X :( :(. I already use "On The Fly Autothumbnailer" (which uses the GD Libraries), it is set to cache the thumbnailed photos. I'm pretty sure that the root of this problem is a conflict with On The Fly Autothumbnailer and On The Fly Watermark. Any ideas on how to make them work together?
  9. I have Downloader Controller 5.3 installed. Does anyone know why someone can download a purchase even though they selected Personal Cheque / Money Order (as their method of payment)? Here are the settings in my Admin. control panel right now: The default message even says that "Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed". I've looked everywhere for an option to "confirm" orders :( . I've tried manually setting orders from "processing" to "delivered". But that doesn't work either.
  10. loveacrossborders

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi Everyone, I saw one reply earlier in this thread that asks to see a categories.php that has BOTH Header Tags Controller and MS2 installed. Unfortunately, nobody replied to that person :( . I already have Header Tags Controller installed. My wife and I are pretty new with OScommerce. We're in the process of starting up a small Thai Shop using OS commerce.... Our question is, can we use both Header Tags Controller AND MS2? If so, what should the categories.php file look like in the admin. directory? We appreciate any help with this! Shaun & Natlada :)
  11. loveacrossborders

    [support]?MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module

    Hi Dreamscape, I saw the new bug-fix that you added today. How can I install the bug fix manually?
  12. loveacrossborders

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    haha yes!! After 3 days of trying, it finally works! Thank you to RavenWulf for pointing out that it was a problem with the SQL file. Here's what I did: Now please keep in mind that I'm a real newbie with MySQL... When I looked at the SQL file that came with Wishlist 2.3 (that I tried installing), at the bottom of the SQL file it was missing a ";". I dropped the wishlist tables in my MySQL database and then imported the wishlist.sql file with the ";" edited to the end. Now everything works perfectly.
  13. loveacrossborders

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    I tried reinstalling everything again, alas the same error is there. Here is a snapshot of what wishlist.sql looks like from PhpMyAdmin after I import it.
  14. loveacrossborders

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I recently started setting up a small "Thai Shop" (we live in Thailand). I installed the Wishlist 2.2 for OCS2.2. The only problem is that whenever I try to add a product to my wishlist, I get this error: I've read this thread (all 25 pages!) back and forth three times :( . Everyone gives different advice about how to fix it. I've taken most of the advice given to this error. But nothing seems to fix it? How can I fix it? Is it something in application_top.php or in my actual database :( ? We'd appreciate any help! Shaun & Natlada shaun@slik.org
  15. loveacrossborders

    [support]?MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module

    See the difference that a day can make :D ? I got the whole thing figured out. My problem was that I seemed to either consciously or subconsciously ignore the part of the Readme file that clearly says that "MultiGeoZone MultiTable" will be under Shipping Modules in the Control Panel. Stupid user error :D . Please forgive me for overlooking such a basic detail.