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  1. gaaro

    Special Buttons for Contributions

    Download = Download Archive = Archief Select = Selecteer Select = Selecteer Build Link = Bouw link Banners = Banners The last one is a tricky one, the word banner is often used in dutch, but not an official dutch word. I still would use banner in stead of a weird dutch word... If you need any other help with dutch things, you'll let me know?
  2. gaaro

    Special Buttons for Contributions

    how about: Vertel door OR Vertel een vriend ?
  3. You need to run that code on your SQL database. The best way for me to accomplish that is to use: PHPMyAdmin Download it, on phpmyadmin.net upload it to your web-root go to te phpmyadmin dir, select the database, select: SQL Copy & Paste the code in the query box, and run it, that should fix your problem.
  4. sure! bu you asked for my dutch files, so i gave you the link, don;t think i;m sitting on my ass waiting for you to do the work!! I'm trying my ass of here! Thnx for your help so far!!
  5. the dutch pack: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,552/type,3 ://http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.../type,3
  6. Elari, This is the english part of my shop. It is the way i want it: This is the dutch part of the shop, wich file do i have to adjust to have calculate the discount just like the english one?
  7. Elari Question, is there a way to download all those files from your cvs from customer v.2? i mean all those php-files you posted there?? I want to test with those, but i think it would be wasted time to copy and then past it, if you are willing to post it in a zip, or tell me if there is a faster way tot get it from your cvs. By the way.. thnx for all your help so far, this GPL thing is new to me but it rocks!
  8. thnx dude, i took me a while, but i'm getting the hang of this!
  9. elari, i'm using your file's wich you have put in you zipfile. I used this sql statement to get customer status to work: ALTER TABLE `customers` ADD `customers_status` INT( 5 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE `customers` ADD `member_flag` CHAR(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL; CREATE TABLE customers_status ( customers_status_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', language_id int(11) NOT NULL default '1', customers_status_name varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', customers_status_image varchar(64) default NULL, customers_status_discount decimal(4,2) default '0', customers_status_ot_discount_flag char(1) NOT NULL default '0', customers_status_ot_discount decimal(4,2) default '0', PRIMARY KEY (customers_status_id,language_id), KEY idx_orders_status_name (customers_status_name) ) TYPE=MyISAM; CREATE TABLE customers_status_history ( customers_status_history_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, customers_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', new_value int(5) NOT NULL default '0', old_value int(5) default NULL, date_added datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', customer_notified int(1) default '0', PRIMARY KEY (customers_status_history_id) ) TYPE=MyISAM; ALTER TABLE `customers_status` ADD `customers_status_staffelpreis` VARCHAR( 1 ) NOT NULL; INSERT INTO `configuration` ( `configuration_id` , `configuration_title` , `configuration_key` , `configuration_value` , `configuration_description` , `configuration_group_id` , `sort_order` , `last_modified` , `date_added` , `use_function` , `set_function` ) VALUES ( '', 'Default Order Status For New Customers', 'DEFAULT_CUSTOMERS_STATUS_ID', '0', 'When a new customer is created, this customer status will be assigned to it.', '6', NULL , '2002-09-04 10:56:21', '2002-09-04 10:56:21', NULL , NULL ); CREATE TABLE newsletters_history ( news_hist_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', news_hist_cs int(11) NOT NULL default '0', news_hist_cs_date_sent date default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (news_hist_id) ) TYPE=MyISAM; ALTER TABLE `orders` ADD `customers_status` DECIMAL( 4,2 ) DEFAULT 'x' NOT NULL AFTER `currency_value`; ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_discount_allowed` DECIMAL( 4,2 ) DEFAULT 'x' NOT NULL AFTER `products_price`; INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Default max products discount allowed', 'MAX_PRODUCTS_DISCOUNT_ALLOWED', '5', 'Set to 0 to disable discount, any other to allow.', '3', '2', '', '', NULL, NULL); ALTER TABLE `orders_products` ADD `products_customers_status_discount` DECIMAL( 4, 2 ) AFTER `products_price`; ALTER TABLE `orders_products` CHANGE `products_customers_status_discount` `products_discount_made` DECIMAL( 4, 2 ) DEFAULT NULL; CREATE TABLE products_staffelpreis ( products_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', quantity int(11) NOT NULL default '0', unitprice decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000', KEY products_id (products_id) ) TYPE=MyISAM; ALTER TABLE `customers_basket` ADD `customers_basket_discount_made` DECIMAL( 4, 2 ) DEFAULT '0'; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS helpdesk; CREATE TABLE helpdesk ( id int(255) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, email TEXT NOT NULL, problem TEXT NOT NULL, solution TEXT NOT NULL, status TEXT NOT NULL, date TEXT NOT NULL, priority TEXT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) ); DROP TABLE IF EXISTS helpdesk_members; CREATE TABLE helpdesk_members ( username VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, password TEXT NOT NULL, email TEXT NOT NULL, signature TEXT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (username) ); INSERT INTO helpdesk_members VALUES ('admin','password','yourname@yourstore.com','Your Name<BR>Technical Support<BR>http://www.yourstore.com'); INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Support Email Address', 'SUPPORT_EMAIL_ADDRESS', 'support@yourstore.com', 'Support email address', 1, '99', '', '', NULL, NULL); ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_quantity_display_allowed` INT( 1 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL AFTER `products_quantity`; ## To update all products to 0 use this query ## UPDATE products set products_quantity_display_allowed ='0' where products_quantity_display_allowed='1'; ## To update all products to 1 use this query ## UPDATE products set products_quantity_display_allowed ='1' where products_quantity_display_allowed='0'; INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Quantity breakout display', 'PRODUCTS_QUANTITY_BREAKOUT', '3', 'Value to allow or not display. (default =3).', '8', '6', '', '', NULL, NULL); INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Quantity breakout display operator', 'PRODUCTS_QUANTITY_BREAKOUT_OPERATOR', '>', 'Operator string (<, <=, == , !=, >=, >) to allow or not display breakout. (default >).', '8', '6', '', '', NULL, NULL); DROP TABLE IF EXISTS accounting; CREATE TABLE accounting ( acc_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, acc_order_id int(11) default NULL, acc_customer_id int(11) default NULL, acc_customer_first_name varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', acc_customer_last_name varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', acc_dc int(1) NOT NULL default '0', acc_amount decimal(15,4) default NULL, acc_date date default NULL, acc_currency char(3) NOT NULL default '', acc_currency_value decimal(14,6) NOT NULL default '0.000000', acc_payement_method varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (acc_id), UNIQUE KEY acc_id (acc_id) ) TYPE=MyISAM; #Add an Accounting group in configuration_group table value 14 INSERT INTO configuration_group (configuration_group_id, configuration_group_title, configuration_group_description, sort_order, visible) VALUES (14, 'Accounting', 'Accounting options', 14, 1); #Add default values in configuratin table #Status Order needed to allow order to be added in accounting table INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Order status required', 'ACC_ORDER_STATUS_REQUIRED', '3', 'Usually will be when order is shipped. (Osc default shipped status = 3).', '14', '1', '', '', NULL, NULL); #Max default allowed credit for customer INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Max Allowed default credit', 'ACC_MAX_ALLOWED_CREDIT', '500', 'Maximum credit allowed by default to customers.).', '14', '2', '', '', NULL, NULL); #String for Debit INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Default sign for account debit (invoice)', 'ACC_DEBIT', 'D', 'Usual is set to display D before amount but you can select - .', '14', '3', '', '', NULL, NULL); #String for Credit INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_id`, `configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('', 'Default sign for account credit (payement)', 'ACC_CREDIT', 'C', 'Usual is set to display C before amount but you can select + or nothing .', '14', '4', '', '', NULL, NULL); wich does the trick But: - When i give a person a discount of say 50 % in the store no where does the price change! not even at checkout - when i make a new account it give an error about the mail: is say's the headers are already sent any clues? Do i need to make changes to my php files? By the way, the sollution you gave for the displayed twice error worked!
  10. Still trying to implement the customers status i get this error when trying to add a status: 1110 - Column 'customers_status_ot_discount_flag' specified twice insert into customers_status (customers_status_name, customers_status_image, customers_status_discount, customers_status_ot_discount_flag , customers_status_ot_discount, customers_status_staffelpreis, customers_status_id, language_id, customers_status_ot_discount_flag) values ('sdf', '', '', '0', '', '0', '1', '1', '0') [TEP STOP] any clues on that?
  11. maybe you could backup your SQL database, en send that sql file in the zip? We probaly would get a whole lot of products we do'nt need, but at least the right sql structure! Thnx for the work so far dude!
  12. that would be great! I haven;t started on my shop yet, so any file i can use will be perfect, i will not loose any changes coz i haven't done anything yet! Harro
  13. MM, still not very easy to use..... Any chance of you making a version soon for dumb people? I don't know anything about CVS and have no clue where to start. I implemented some other contributions before, but this is way to confusing for me. I have the loaded snapshot from Ian. I want to install the status thing. I found a txt file with all the SQL changes tot do, that probaly willl work. But now the cnhanges in the files: General.php //to be Removed completly (change in 1.2) to use instead tep_get_customer_status // thanks guido for checking that mistake // function tep_get_customers_status() { /// // Return all customers statuses for a specified language_id and return an array(array()) // Uee it to make pull_down_menu, checkbox.... function tep_get_customers_statuses() { return $customers_statuses_array; /// // Return all status info values for a customer_id in admin . no need to check session ! function tep_get_customer_status($customers_id) { global $languages_id; return $customer_status_array; The first thing, i just can;t find! the second and third i have no clue on where to put them in the document! Help!! Have you ever thought of making a loaded snapshot? OR, are you willing to put the status thinngy into the loaded snapshot of ian and contribute it? I think a lot of people would be very gratefull. But off course with some pointers to try i myself i would be very happy too! harro
  14. okay, i'm gonna try that now.,.thnx dude
  15. I'm realy confused, i can't get the status thing working! Do you already have 1 sql statement? I want to use the current development version 2.2, i just want to copy all your files over the files of the project en run a sql query trough phpmyadmin and i would like it to work than! any clues?