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  1. I'm new to this too, but let me give my two cents. I think one way to do it is to specify those 'sub-zones' in where the various shipping options would otherwise go. (I.E. the tables area) Instead of UPS - Ground, Air-Mail etc. you could have North Ontario, West Ontario etc. This would mean the customer needs to pick their shipping area in the delivery options, like they would currently pick their shipping method. It wouldn't be automatic. Maybe the better way to is to make zones for each of those options. But then I'm not sure how the right one would be picked. It would normally select the zone based on the province code in the address area of the account. This makes it seem like you couldn't really subdivided a zone below a state or province. Well, you could make your zones subprovincial, and I guess you could have tax rates in for them all. But the problem is, how do you get your customer to enter this in their address area. Could it be in a popup? It could be county/municipality based. Bah, this is over my head on how to deal with it all. You know, a better way would be to have a table of shipping rates based on the postal code. That would be one mother of a table though!
  2. I bet thinking like someone who is unfamiliar with oscommerce would be difficult. Difficult to get yourself in that headspace. I'll explain my thinking in the event it helps you. The key thing for me to come to understand was that I needed to define a tax zone, and *then go inside that zone* and define a province/state/country for that zone. Since my application needs different rates for different provinces, I need a tax zone for each. I first thought I could specify just the country of Canada as a Tax zone, and then have my provinces inside that zone. But that means one rate for all of them. Also, I've only used one shipping table for each zone. Am I correct in assuming I would get to select between ground, air etc. on the delivery screen if I had more than one table? This wasn't evident to me in the docs, but is my guess after thinking about it. Thanks again. ( I say thanks a lot because I'm Canadian ;) )
  3. Well, I introduced an error when I modified the file. I obliterated the opening < ? php. It seems to be all good now. Quality stuff! The readme could more fully explain some aspects of this in my opinion so people knew to this (like me) can have a little extra helping hand. But then, I guess that's what this support thread is all about.
  4. OK, I didn't catch the fact the shipping method would be in the language file. I see in the readme where it's mentioned, but I'm just not understanding everything about it immediately. Could be worse, I coulda use ta bin smart. :) I've changed it to say only Shipping, no icon etc. and something broke. I'm stuck on checkout_shipping.php (Delivery Information). When I click on continue, it just reloads the same page. I had this happen before when I had messed up my countries. The actual shipping amount shows correctly though, so that part of things is working. If you have a clue what happened, I'd appreciate your insight. I'm going to try restoring your original file and see if it works. I fear some worse went kerploing though. This is my first time using oscommerce, so I'm really learning it's in and outs at the same time as installing new modules etc. It's an adventure!
  5. OK, first of all, good job. The guy I'm doing this for said, "but I want to charge different rates to different provinces, and at different price breaks". Sheesh I said in my head, but then I found your contribution. It seems as though it will do exactly what is required. I've got it installed, and after a few minutes of head scratching, I realised I need to specify a different zone for each province, and then put that province inside that tax zone. Make sense, but I didn't realise I had to do that at first. I've noticed one problem with it that I haven't figured out. It says the following in the shipping line in the Order Confirmation: United Parcel Service (UPS) (Ground): $30.00 Now we won't be shipping using UPS. We don't actually want to specify which method we'll use. Where is geting this from, I don't have the UPS module turned on of course. Is it hard coded somewhere? I thought I'd ask the expert before I dig in and break it. Thanks again for a great contrib. Lane
  6. myb

    BTSv1.2 Support

    ok, i like talking to myself. I've determined that the problem happens when the cache is enabled. In catalog/admin, Configuration > Cache > Use Cache set to true. Setting it to false makes it work properly again, I can now see my categories again. This sounds like a bug, can anyone confirm this?
  7. myb

    BTSv1.2 Support

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've got oscommerce working well enough. I installed the BTSv1.31 and have a wee but hugely significant problem. None of my categories are showing up. :'( Of course, everything is there in the admin, and my backup works fine using the standard install with a customized stylesheet. I've tried looking through this site, and could find this problem mentioned. But since this is a bit of a firehose worth of info, perhaps I've missed it. Has anyone else had this problem before? And where might I find into on it? Thanks hugely for any clues you can provide. Lane