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  1. lopes_andre


    Great Contribution this one! I have to make a few changes for my shop needs. I want to use the referral system in silent mode, with this process: "The shop is a closed shop, new customers can register only when a registred customer give your e-mail address for use in the registration process." 1 - Registred customer of the shop talks with a friend and tell him to register in the shop using "myregistredemail@costumer.com" email. 2 - In the registration process the new costumer will use the email friend(myregistredemail@costumer.com) to register with success. Whitout an registred customer e-mail in the signup process new customers can't register. 3 - When the new customer makes the first order, the customer (myregistredemail@costumer.com) will earn points/cash. The referral system will give points only in the first order of the new registred customer to "myregistredemail@costumer.com". It is difficult to do this in this contribution? Best Regards, André.
  2. lopes_andre

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi, I'am upgrading my oscommerce from php4/mysql4 to php5/mysql5. I have updated Register_Globals, Problematic Mysql Querys in Mysql5 and Mysql5 Quantity Price Breaks Correction. All ok in this 3 steps. Now I have a problem with shopping_cart.php: This error is related with Quantity Price Breaks? What I should do? Best Regards, André.
  3. Hi, I have image magic 1.14 installed, i'am trying to move the shop from PHP4 to PHP5. The contribution does not show the images, instead of that gives me the folloeing error: "Error, file path incorrect, check configure.php" There is a way to solve this? Best Regards, André.
  4. Hi, I have moved ms2.2 to PHP5. I have the thumbnail contribution installed. I see no images of products. The error that gives me instead of the image of the product is this, "Error, file path incorrect, check configure.php". I have checked the link, and looks the correct one. There are some incompatibilities with PHP5? Best Regards, Andre.
  5. lopes_andre

    Register Globals Support

    Hi, Just clarify onde thing to me. This contribution works in PHP5? Best Regards, André.
  6. lopes_andre

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi, I'am searching for a eay to change templates easly, but at the same time I wan't to easly add contributions to osCommerce. With STS I will be able to add all contributions to osCommerce or I will need special steps to install osC contributions? Wait for reply. (Sorry for my english) Best Regards, Andre.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have lost contact with the freelancer. I know that the design have been made using Photoshop, and then installed in file by file. Do you know anyone that have changed the design of osCommerce that way? Best Regards, Andre.
  8. But there is a way to do it? One year ago I have payed a freelancer to change the design of my heavy modified osCommerce. I know that the osCommerce have been modified file by file. There are any tutorial or something that helps in the task of modify the design of osCommerce file by file? Sorry my bad english. Best Regards, Andre.
  9. Hi, I want to change the design of my osCommerce, but my osCommerce is heavy modified. How can I change the design on heavy modified osCommerce site? Wait for reply. Best Regards, Andre.
  10. lopes_andre

    [Contribution] Task Manager (Admin)

    Yes, I know the contribution location, but they are all designed for fresh new osc install's. Someone have installed Admin Acess with Step-By-Step instructions? If yes, please give me the link for contribution version. Best Regards, Andre.
  11. lopes_andre

    [Contribution] Task Manager (Admin)

    I have my ms2 osc with many contribs allready installed. Which version of Admin Acess shoul I install? Best Regards, Andr?.
  12. lopes_andre

    [Contribution] Task Manager (Admin)

    There is a way to put this contribution working without Admin Access? This looks a great contribution... Best Regard, Andr?
  13. Try the Simple Admin Access Control, it much more easy to install and could be more specific than AAL. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2701 http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=125058
  14. And this contribution conflits with which another contribution? I'am thinking to install this contributuin but my oscommerce have many contributions installed... And which version you have download to install?? Regards, Andre.
  15. Hi, I have my OSCommerce MS2.2 with many contributions installed, and I want to instal the Admin Access Contribution. Which Admin Access version I should download to install in a Heavy changed OSCommerce? Sorry my english. Best Regards, Andr?.