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  1. Doc203

    Problem with LinkPoint

    I am having the exact same issue. Any luck with this?
  2. I downloaded an ep complete file and edited some prices. When I re-upped the file it duplicated all of the products that I edited the prices on. Any ideas?
  3. Doc203

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Chris, That appears to have fixed my issue. Thanks!
  4. Doc203

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Contribution works great, but I must have done something wrong because I lost my previous attributes. They are still listed in admin, but they don't show up when you look at a product. The name of the attribute set shows, but the selection box is empty. If I add an attribute to a product the normal way it will not show up, but if I add it as an attribute set it will. Any help appreciated.
  5. Doc203


    Thanks! I will see if I can accomplish this.
  6. Doc203


    Anyone have any idea at all?
  7. Doc203


    Does anyone know how to limit the cool menu to expand only one category? I like it, but in one of my categories the 3rd section has a long list and it is hard to get around in. Thanks.
  8. Anyone ever find a solution to the following error when trying to send a newsletter? Thanks for any help.